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While in Office, Christie Has Been Given 77 Diet Books

Givers include Dr. Oz, South Beach Diet inventor

(Newser) - It's unclear whether they're from mean-spirited detractors or genuine well-wishers, but either way, it seems in poor taste: Chris Christie has received dozens of diet books as gifts while he's been governor of New Jersey, reports. He's been sent a total of 600 books... More »

Svelte Palin: I'm Writing a Fitness Book

The whole family's in on it: Sarah

(Newser) - A suddenly, startlingly thin Sarah Palin is fattening up her bank account with her latest endeavor: a fitness book. The incredible shrinking Sarah aims to involve the entire fam in the project. "Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline focusing on where we get our energy... More »

Is This the Most Depressing Book Deal Ever?

Venice Fulton scores 7 figures for dieting advice like: skip breakfast

(Newser) - Today, in the annals of careers you really should have chosen instead of the one you're doing right now: diet-book writer. Grand Central Publishing has announced that it has won the rights to Venice A. Fulton's Six Weeks to OMG. Fulton will apparently get "seven figures" for... More »

New Diet Advice: Bring on the Carbs

Well, the good carbs, at least

(Newser) - Eggs are bad for you; eggs are good for you. Drink lots of milk; avoid dairy. Who can keep up with diet recommendations these days? Case in point: Carbohydrates, which became quite unpopular thanks to the Atkins diet, are making a comeback. New weight loss plans focus on enjoying what... More »

New Atkins Diet Embraces Veggies

'The New Atkins' book recommends five servings of greens

(Newser) - The Atkins Diet is going green—leafy greens that is. An upcoming book revising the diet, The New Atkins for a New You, puts a bigger emphasis on veggies, urging adherents to chow down on them from day one. “If there is one thing to disprove, it's the myth... More »

10 Days Is Enough of the French Lifestyle

Writer follows French Women Don't Get Fat advice, with mixed results

(Newser) - Finding herself in Paris for the fall—and wearing sweatpants and a holey T-shirt to the local bakery, as opposed to the French uniform of ankle boots and a mini-dress—Marisa Meltzer decided it was the ideal time to try following the advice of Mireille Guiliano, author of the French ... More »

Diet Books for a Skinny 2009

Menu: Lemon juice, meditation, and a lunchbox of meat

(Newser) - Another year, another diet book. What's new? The Wall Street Journal dishes the skinny—and the zany—for 2009:
  • I Can Make You Thinner, Paul McKenna: Train your brain to only eat when hungry (hypnosis cd included).
  • The Lemon Juice Diet, Teresa Cheung: The initial recipe—lemon juice, water, maple
... More »

7 Stories