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Sandler, Jack and Jill Rule Razzie Noms

Actor's 11 nominations more than double previous 1-year record

(Newser) - Adam Sandler dominated like no other would-be thespian that bane of awards season, the Razzie Awards nominations, pulling in 11 nods as an actor, writer, and producer, reports the LA Times . Among the lowlights this year:
  • Sandler's 11 nominations are more than twice as many as anyone else ever
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5 Reasons to See Nic Cage's 'Worst Movie Ever'

Fantasy pic 'Season of the Witch' flops at box office

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage has been in a lot of bad movies, but if you believe critics, Season of the Witch is his most egregious stinker yet. Audiences seem to agree—it made only $10 million this weekend, despite scant competition. But the Atlantic Wire thinks you should see it anyway, if... More »

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Anything but Magical

Fantasia ripoff is 'the opposite of alchemy'

(Newser) - Nobody is cheering for this Jerry Bruckheimer-produced pretender to the Potter throne, based (sort of) on the iconic scene from Fantasia. Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel play a sorcerer and his protege on a mission to ... do something—anything!—involving lots of spells and special effects. The result is... More »

Greatest White Trash Movie Heroes

(Newser) - Hicks and hillbillies can be heroes, too, SpikeTV points out in a look at the greatest characters to go from the trailer park to the big screen.
  • HI McDunnough, Raising Arizona: Nicolas Cage's performance remains his finest to this day. His likable baby-snatcher makes some lousy decisions, but "he’
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Knowing Doesn't Add Up

(Newser) - The reviews are in, and it doesn’t look good for Knowing, Nicolas Cage’s predestination-driven sci-fi epic. Here’s what critics are saying:
  • It’s “laughably bad,” says Joe Neumanier of the New York Daily News, a pseudo-philosophical mess that “reaches for sci-fi relevance, but just
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5 Stories