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Wizard of Oz Coming in 3D

It will be out next year on DVD and Blu-Ray

(Newser) - Well, stoners, now you've got a reason to buy a 3D TV. If the Wizard of Oz isn't trippy enough for you in its normal, Technicolor glory, next year you'll be able to buy a 3D conversion of it on DVD or Blu-Ray, says Warner Bros. It... More »

Two Channels Go All 3D, All the Time

3D broadcasts will be 24/7 starting within a week

(Newser) - The future has arrived: Within the next week, two 3D television channels will begin broadcasting full-time. 3net, a joint venture from Discovery, Sony, and IMAX, will begin televising Sunday night. The other, ESPN 3D, will become a 24-hour channel the next day, the New York Times reports. Of course, with... More »

Toshiba Unveils Glasses-Free 3D TV

But consumers may not fall for its whopping 20-inch screen

(Newser) - Toshiba has unveiled what it's calling the first glasses-free HDTVs for consumers. The Toshiba Regza TV, which comes in 20- and 12-inch models, achieves its technological feat by using an extra optical sheet covered with "perpendicular lenticular" arrays; it bends the light to make a 3D image visible at... More »

Americans Want 3DTVs —Until They Watch One

Then their interest is cut in half

(Newser) - American consumers are eager to buy 3DTVs, until they actually try to watch one. In a new Nielsen study, 25% said they were “very likely” to buy a 3DTV in the next year. But after donning the glasses for themselves, that number dropped to just 12%, while the number... More »

Nintendo Rolls Out 'Stunning' No-Glasses 3D Game System

Nintendo's 'stunning' 3DS can also take 3D pictures

(Newser) - Nintendo made a deep splash at E3 last night with the 3DS, a 3D version of its portable system. The device doesn’t require any glasses to produce the illusion of 3D, and can turn the effect off if your eyes ever get tired. It can also play 3D movies... More »

Amid Skepticism, 3D Ads Debut

ESPN prepares to roll out 3D sports channel

(Newser) - ESPN has persuaded three advertisers to join it on the post-Avatar 3D bandwagon, but there may not be many more following anytime soon. Pixar, Sony, and Procter & Gamble will air 3D ads on ESPN 3D when the new channel launches tomorrow, in time for the World Cup, reports the... More »

Porn Is 3D TV's Best Hope

Japanese 3D fare could drive sales of new TVs

(Newser) - Years ago, the prevalence of porn on VHS tapes helped secure that format's victory over betamax. Now adult content again may play a decisive role in the evolution of video entertainment, as the promise of immersive sexual entertainment lures new customers to 3D television sets. With porn representing 30% of... More »

Nintendo Going 3D, Without Glasses

Handheld DS system will be upgraded eventually

(Newser) - Nintendo is planning to release a 3D version of its portable DS system, with one really intriguing twist: there won’t be any glasses. Dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, the company is calling the device the successor to the current DS series. Nintendo won’t reveal any more details until June,... More »

NCAA Final Four Goes 3D

Jennifer Hudson to sing 'One Shining Moment'

(Newser) - Sports fans will get a chance to watch the NCAA Final Four in 3D as CBS attempts to gauge interest in the extra dimension. It won't be 3D TV—fans must go to movie theaters to view a live broadcast of the games. About 100 theaters nationwide are expected to... More »

3-D Glasses Here for the Long Haul

High-tech viewing will require low-tech eyewear for at least another decade

(Newser) - 3-D television is a reality: LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony will be selling sets by the end of the year. But they'll all require viewers to wear 3-D glasses to get the full effect. 3-D for the naked eye is under intense development that's expected to take at least another... More »

How 3D Will Affect Your Fave TV Shows

If you thought Conan O'Brien's hair was big before, just wait

(Newser) - Some television shows, like The View, will remain unchanged by the coming 3D revolution—but others will never be the same. Adrian Chen takes a look at how some of your favorites might be affected, in Gawker :
  • Winter Olympics: “Coverage now 90% luge.”
  • CNBC: “Busty news anchors
... More »

ESPN to Launch 3D Station

Channel will broadcast live games beginning in June

(Newser) - ESPN will kick off the first-ever 3D television station in June with a live World Cup match. After that, ESPN 3D will broadcast 85 other events this year, including the Summer X Games, and assorted NBA and college basketball and football games, all of them live. But the channel won’... More »

Blu-Ray Goes 3D With New Standards

New players will export two images in full 1080p

(Newser) - Blu-ray players will soon come equipped to show 3D movies in full 1080p, thanks to new standards announced yesterday. Players built to conform with the new standard, which should begin shipping next year, will send two images to the TV, both in full resolution. With the proper glasses, those images... More »

TV to Go 3D in 2010

Manufacturers have the tech, but broadcasters lag

(Newser) - HDTV is about to become old hat. Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and JVC all intend to debut new 3D television sets next year. The manufacturers are likening the move to the standard-to-high-def switch—or even the shift from black-and-white to color. “TV finally becomes real,” a Panasonic VP tells... More »

Cool Tech at CES, But It's Useless

3-D TVs, wristwatch cellphone are among the excellent gadgets

(Newser) - The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show is full of “incredible technology,” Larry Magid writes for CNET. Problem is, it’s all “in search of a practical purpose,” making this year the “year of the gimmick.” Magid runs down a few wowee gadgets of dubious usefulness.... More »

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