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HP Brings Back Tablet, at $99

Even though it's losing money on every sale

(Newser) - HP has analysts shaking their heads yet again. The company has announced that it’ll be producing one last round of its TouchPad tablet—even though it’ll be losing $207 on every one it produces. When HP announced that it was killing off its tablet , it dropped the price... More »

What Your Phone Tells Marketers About You

A look at what demographic advertisers think you're in

(Newser) - Advertisers trying to reach customers via a smartphone have a pretty good idea what each smartphone user looks like. Here’s how Advertising Age breaks down the demographics of each phone:
  • Blackberry: The typical user is a “salt-and-pepper businessman” who uses the phone primarily for email and messaging. He
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With Spotlight on Apple, Palm Unveils Pixi

Smartphone is 'super-adorably skinny'— but who's paying attention?

(Newser) - Palm’s tiny new smartphone is taking on a Goliath: The firm introduced the Pixi today, squeaking onto the scene just hours before Apple debuts its latest gadgets at its own San Francisco gathering, All Things Digital reports. Can Palm’s David expect to emerge victorious? Unlikely, writes Kara Swisher.... More »

How to Improve the BlackBerry

RIM dominates in sales, but the iPhone has big advantages

(Newser) - The iPhone has become a cultural phenomenon, but RIM sells way more units than Apple does. Why, then, does the BlackBerry have such obvious flaws? Wired lists five improvements RIM needs to make:
  1. Browser. The web looks much the same on an iPhone or Palm Pre as it does on
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Ex-Apple Exec Takes Over at Palm

Rubinstein will be new CEO as company goes after iPhone

(Newser) - Palm shuffled its top leadership today as it continues to zero in on Apple and the iPhone. Jon Rubinstein, who led Apple's iPod division before jumping to Palm in 2007, will take over as CEO and chairman from Ed Colligan, who is resigning after 16 years. "Colligan's departure means... More »

iPhone Competitors Close In on Apple

(Newser) - Until recently, the iPhone ruled the smartphone roost, but a new crop of competitors could threaten Apple’s bottom line, Jon Fortt writes for Fortune. AT&T, the sole iPhone carrier, pays Apple $300 for every new customer. Until now, paying for the privilege made sense, because AT&T monopolized... More »

Palm Pre (Mostly) Lives Up to Hype

Smartphone's superior software make it a heavyweight iPhone rival

(Newser) - Palm's new Pre smartphone isn't without its flaws, reviewers say, but its first-rate software and design mean it could be the iPhone's strongest rival yet.
  • Bonnie Cha, CNET: "The hardware could be better," but "Palm has developed a solid OS that not only rivals the competition
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Palm's Launch of 'Pre' Thumbs Nose at Apple

(Newser) - Sprint will launch the much-ballyhooed Palm Pre smartphone June 6, two days before the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Though this year’s WWDC isn’t expected to produce any new hardware, John Biggs writes for TechCrunch, the scheduling of the Pre launch is connected … probably. Though unlikely, Biggs... More »

Palm Unveils 'Pre' Smartphone

(Newser) - Palm unveiled a new smartphone today, the Pre, which it hopes will compete with the iPhone and restore the company’s place in the market, the New York Times reports. Industry experts say it won't be easy. The Pre has a touchscreen, 8 gigs of storage, and a new operating... More »

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