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BK Ad Explains Net Neutrality With a $26 Whopper

Some call the ad 'brilliant,' some say it's just another marketing ploy

(Newser) - If you've tried explaining net neutrality to your friends only to find their eyes glazing over, appeal to their stomachs instead. Per CNNMoney , Burger King's new "Whopper Neutrality" ad , which debuted Wednesday, illustrates the concept through the lens of Whoppers and wait times. In BK's "... More »

Burger King Launches Odd Whopper Giveaway

Restaurant giving free Whoppers to the recently fired

(Newser) - If you've recently been fired from your job, Burger King wants to reward you with a free Whopper. Wait, what? Business Insider reports Burger King launched its "own your fire" promotion Tuesday and will send a "Whopper severance package" to the first 2,500 people who post... More »

Burger King's Invasive Ad Crashes 'Like the Hindenburg'

Ad triggered Google Home—briefly

(Newser) - It was a great idea—until it really, really wasn't. Burger King on Wednesday launched a 15-second ad designed to promote the Whopper in a wholly 2017 way. A man dressed as an employee bemoans the lack of time available to explain what a Whopper is, then leans into... More »

Introducing Burger King's Whopperito

Right now, you can apparently only get it in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Today under the heading of "Why, God, why?": Burger King has introduced a new menu item called the Whopperito. As you might expect, it's made up of the Whopper ingredients (beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, onions) but inside a tortilla instead of on a bun. Grub... More »

Burger King: Have a Whopper for Breakfast

Chain rolls out 'Burgers for Breakfast' menu

(Newser) - As fast-food breakfast competition heats up, Burger King has come out with a new morning offering: The food it serves the rest of the day. The chain says that more than 5,000 locations will serve its new "Burgers at Breakfast" menu, including items like Whoppers, cheeseburgers, and fries,... More »

Burger King Introduces Brunch... and Mimosas

It's sure to become the new 'it' spot in no time

(Newser) - Just when the Double Down caused you to lose all hope in fast food, Burger King is restoring your faith with a new, classy brunch menu. Yes, you just read the words “Burger King” and “brunch” in the same sentence. Highlights of the menu, currently being tested in... More »

Burger King Offers Beer With Whoppers

First 'Whopper Bar' will open in South Beach, Miami

(Newser) - Burger King plans to pair beer and burgers in a new joint called the Whopper Bar in South Beach. The restaurant will offer a range of burgers, toppings and beer, with a 'Whopper Combo' costing $7.99, or about two bucks more than regular. But unless you live in a... More »

Surgeon General Nominee Consults for Burger King

Benjamin served on fast-food company's nutritional advisory panel

(Newser) - Burger King has paid Regina Benjamin, President Obama’s pick for surgeon general, $10,000 this year for serving on an advisory panel to the fast-food giant, the Washington Times reports. Administration reps say the Alabama physician used her position on Burger King’s nutritional advisory board to advocate for... More »

Burger King Sorry for 'Whopper Goddess'

(Newser) - Hold the sauce—and the beef. Burger King has apologized to Hindus following a firestorm of controversy over the chain's use of the multi-limbed goddess Lakshmi in a Whopper ad, reports the Telegraph. Burger King immediately yanked the ads from outlets in Spain after Hindus complained that it denigrated their... More »

Cull Your Facebook Friends, Get a Free Burger

(Newser) - Burger King has launched a new Facebook application called “Whopper Sacrifice,” rewarding users who cull 10 people from their friends list with a free burger, Adweek reports. The ad campaign came out of ad agency employees' frustration with their own bloated lists. "We thought there could be... More »

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