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Redskins Recruit GOP Spin Doc to Shop New Name

Frank Luntz asks focus group whether name is offensive

(Newser) - GOP strategist Frank Luntz—the guy who got the party to stop saying "estate tax" and "healthcare reform" and start using "death tax" and "government takeover of healthcare"—is tackling a different kind of linguistic problem at the moment. His strategy group is holding a... More »

Romney's Secret Meetings With Voters: What Gives?

John Dickerson says Romney doesn't seem to be learning much

(Newser) - Mitt Romney says he's been secretly meeting with voters to hear about their economic suffering. In an interview last week, Romney said he met with "three or four families almost every day," according to the AP . The revelation shocked "nearly everyone who has covered him,"... More »

All That Attention Makes Super Bowl Ads Suck

Focus-group-esque setting leads to a lot of talking animals

(Newser) - You already know what you’re going to see during breaks in the Super Bowl action on Sunday: talking animals, talking babies, and crotch shots. Why? Because you, the public, demand it, says Tom Denari of Advertising Age . Now that sites allow viewers to rate Super Bowl ads, advertisers believe... More »

GOP Base United Vs. Obama, Little Else

For most, leadership is ineffective, or nonexistent

(Newser) - A lot of strong opinions are swirling around the Republican base, but none of them appear to point a way forward for the fractured party. GOP voters and GOP-leaning independents polled are united in their distrust of—even anger at—the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress. But second in... More »

Users Prefer Bing to Google But Won't Switch: Study

Focus group users prefer design, organization of Microsoft search engine

(Newser) - Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, impresses users—but not enough to make them switch from Google, TechCrunch reports. Asked to rate Bing’s features, users in a study by the Catalyst Group thought Bing beat Google in almost every category, including visual design, organization, and filtering options. The exception... More »

Don't Say 'Recession,' Say 'Recovery'

Obama uses focus groups, polls to sell stimulus package

(Newser) - It’s not “infrastructure,” it’s an “investment.” It’s not a “recession,” it’s a “recovery.” Such are the pearls of wisdom Team Obama is spreading to congressional allies, Bloomberg reports. Gleaned from focus-group research and polling, these linguistic tweaks are... More »

6 Stories