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Windows 8: Bold, Risky, Revolutionary

Microsoft goes all in with unified tablet and PC OS

(Newser) - Microsoft unleashed Windows 8 on the world today, in the form of a "Consumer Preview" (read: Open Beta), and it's definitely not business as usual. The OS is designed to work on both tablets and PCs, and that means that, while it still has a familiar Windows "... More »

You Don't Need an Invite for Google+ Anymore

New Hangouts features introduced as well

(Newser) - If you’re one of those poor, sad souls who couldn’t get a friend to hook you up with a Google+ invitation, good news: It's your lucky day. As of yesterday anyone can sign up for Google’s social networking service, Ars Technica reports. Google still considers the... More »

Microsoft's Bing Maps May Beat Google

Innovative integration and photo features make beta worth a test

(Newser) - The beta version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine maps feature could well give Google Maps a run for its money, Jason Kincaid writes for TechCrunch . The new feature challenges Google on every front: Streetside, the answer to Street View, functions similarly but uses 3D modeling to provide a seamless... More »

Google Gives Select Few a Taste of Wave

New communication tool isn't 'ready for primetime' yet

(Newser) - A hundred thousand lucky beta testers today got their hands on the much-hyped “Google Wave,” a communication app that Google’s calling “what email would look like if it were designed today.” Wave operates a little like a cross between email, instant messaging, and collaborative wikis,... More »

Facebook (Mistakenly) Unveils 'Lite' Version

(Newser) - Facebook is testing a stripped-down version called “Facebook Lite” that loads faster but has limited functionality, TechCrunch reports. The beta was mistakenly revealed to a larger-than-intended set of users; some who did see it noticed a similarity to Twitter and Facebook's recently acquired FriendFeed. The social networking site says... More »

Windows 7: Finally, an End to Vista Misery

'New' Microsoft OS is major improvement, say critics

(Newser) - Microsoft is rolling out a successor to Vista, its universally reviled operating system, with Windows 7 now available in a relatively bug-free beta download. Early users report that the new edition is a marked improvement. David Pogue, in the New York Times, says Windows 7 ends “a big part... More »

High Traffic Delays Windows 7 Beta Rollout

Company's site crumbles under demand

(Newser) - After promising the world Windows 7 Beta on Wednesday, Microsoft had to pull the plug on its download site due to cripplingly high traffic, CNET reports today. “We are adding some additional infrastructure support,” Microsoft said, “before we post the public beta.” Microsoft hopes to have... More »

7 Stories