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Why US Women May Ditch Hockey World Championships

Ladies say they want a living wage to keep up with the guys

(Newser) - Meghan Duggan isn't even 30 and she's already won six world championships with the US women's hockey team—and yet she says her team can't get living-wage paychecks that would put them on par with male colleagues. "That's why our team is taking a... More »

Russian Hockey Team Dies in Plane Crash

Just one team member reportedly among survivors

(Newser) - Just two people survived a crash today that claimed almost an entire Russian ice hockey team. The Yak-42 plane, which was carrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team to Minsk for the season opener, crashed to the ground and caught fire immediately after take-off at 4pm Moscow time. RIA Novosti reports that... More »

Delta Boots Entire Russian Hockey Team Off Plane

They were still celebrating a world championship

(Newser) - Winning a world championship is bound to make a team pretty ecstatic, and coming back from a three-goal deficit is only going to take that happiness to a whole new level. After doing just that last night in the IIHF World Junior Hockey championships in Buffalo to beat Canada for... More »

Hockey Player Guilty—but Only of 'Being an Asshole': Judge

Canadian Chris Doyle acquitted in assault trial

(Newser) - If Canadian junior hockey player Chris Doyle "was charged with being a colossal asshole, I would find him guilty," a judge said Friday. "Of assault causing bodily harm, I find him not guilty." The verdict ends Doyle's assault trial for showing up drunk at his ex-girlfriend's... More »

Slap Shot City Losing Hockey Team for Real

Struggling Pa. economy forces Johnstown Chiefs south

(Newser) - Life is imitating fiction too closely for hockey fans' comfort in the small western Pennsylvania city where Slap Shot was filmed. In the cult 1977 movie loosely based on Johnstown's team, the coach played by Paul Newman boosted player morale by telling them the team was moving south. Now, the... More »

High School Hockey Player Sinks to Ice, Dies

Team captain collapses during huddle

(Newser) - A 17-year-old Massachusetts hockey player suddenly collapsed on the ice during a practice huddle and died. Pentucket Regional High School team captain Matthew McCarthy had just finished non-contact skating drills and was listening to his coach when he crumpled to the ice. He was rushed to a local hospital where... More »

6 Stories