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12 Inmates Escaped With Peanut Butter Trick

11 have now been recaptured

(Newser) - Peanut butter was the key ingredient in Sunday evening's mass escape from an Alabama jail, Sheriff James Underwood says. The sheriff says the 12 men escaped after using peanut butter to cover up a door number, reports. They then convinced a new guard in the control room... More »

As Skippy Gets Yanked From Shelves, Canada Goes Nuts

Canadians stockpile after Hormel decides not to sell peanut butter brand there anymore

(Newser) - Skippy peanut butter has been yanked out of the Canadian marketplace by parent company Hormel, whose spokesman laments the "incredibly difficult decision" to discontinue the brand there, leaving just a few, if any, jars on store shelves, per the CBC . Even though Skippy is still available in more than... More »

Frat Member Faces Jail Over Peanut Butter Stunt

Police charge him with hazing at Central Michigan University

(Newser) - A Central Michigan University student accused of spreading peanut butter on the face of a passed out teen with a peanut allergy faces jail time over the stunt. Dale Merza, 20, has been charged with misdemeanor hazing and faces up to 93 days in jail and a $1,000 fine... More »

Why the NBA Flips Over This Food

Scarfing vast quantities of PB&J is a pre-game ritual

(Newser) - Only organic peanut butter and jelly and crustless white bread will do for the Portland Trail Blazers. For the Milwaukee Bucks, the elaborate locker room buffet offers three types of bread paired with crunchy, smooth, and almond butters, assorted jellies, and other fixings. The Cleveland Cavaliers like to send pre-packaged... More »

Parents Livid Over Frat's Peanut Butter 'Joke' on Son

Incident at Central Michigan University under investigation

(Newser) - A student who smeared peanut butter on an unconscious freshman's face calls it "a joke." The freshman's parents call it hazing that could have turned deadly because the 19-year-old has a severe allergy to peanuts. The pictures Teresa Seely posted on Facebook Tuesday show her son... More »

Snacking on Peanuts May Help Obesity Epidemic

12-week study of Hispanic middle school kids finds peanuts help reduce BMI

(Newser) - Good news for those who like peanuts and aren't allergic: Snacking on them three to four times a week could help lower one's BMI, researchers report in the Journal of Applied Research on Children . Researchers from the University of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, and Texas Woman's... More »

Nearly 2K Pounds of Skippy Recalled

There might be metal shavings in the peanut butter

(Newser) - Would you like any metal shavings with your peanut butter? No? Then you might want to check that jar of Skippy in your pantry. Hormel Foods, maker of the peanut butter brand, is recalling 153 cases of 16.3-ounce-sized Skippy Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread because they might include... More »

Peanuts, Nuts May Keep You From Dying

But alas—peanut butter doesn't seem to make a difference

(Newser) - Previous studies have documented that scarfing down peanuts or nuts every day can lead to better cardiovascular health. But now research is suggesting that eating peanuts and tree nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts are linked to lower mortality rates, per a Maastricht University press release . The study, published online... More »

Why the Feds Are Selling $761 Peanut Butter

It's the peanut butter by which other foods are measured

(Newser) - The US government is selling three-jar units of peanut butter for $761—even though the stuff inside, according to a researcher, is "prepared by a commercial manufacturer of peanut butter whose name you would recognize." That's what a chemist with the National Institute of Standards and Technology... More »

College Student Killed by Peanut Allergy

Chandler Swink somehow came in contact with peanut butter at friend's apartment

(Newser) - A 19-year-old college student in Michigan has died after accidentally coming into contact with peanut butter at a friend's apartment on Nov. 19. The Oakland Press reports that Chandler Swink was diagnosed at age two with the most severe level of nut allergy—level six. Someone at the apartment... More »

Costco Trashes 1M Perfectly Fine Jars of Peanut Butter

58 truckloads not allowed to go to food banks

(Newser) - Almost a million jars of peanut butter are being trucked to a New Mexico landfill after Costco refused to either accept them or allow them to be donated to food banks. The peanut butter—made from $2.8 million worth of Valencia peanuts owned by Costco—is being dumped as... More »

Alzheimer's Test: Can You Smell Peanut Butter?

If your left nostril is lagging, it might be a sign of trouble: study

(Newser) - How's this for a low-tech way of diagnosing Alzheimer's: sniffing peanut butter. Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered some merit to the bizarre-sounding notion, reports Futurity . Knowing that patients in cognitive decline often lose their sense of smell first, the researchers had patients sniff a dollop... More »

FDA Says New Rules Will Improve Food Safety

Agency issues two, with more on the way

(Newser) - The FDA has issued two new rules that it and food safety advocates say will make the nation's food supply much safer. They govern the handling of processed foods (like peanut butter ) and fruits and vegetables, reports USA Today , which calls this "the most sweeping overhaul of... More »

Relax, There's No More Peanut Shortage

Record crop numbers should mean plenty of peanut butter this year

(Newser) - Shoppers went a bit nutty earlier this year after two years of drought led to a peanut shortage that sent peanut butter prices skyward. But farmers are now growing the crop in record numbers, which should bring down supermarket prices, reports the Wall Street Journal . Areas in US where the... More »

Whole Foods, Stop & Shop Join Peanut Butter Recall

List of affected products reaches 101

(Newser) - A national peanut butter recall just keeps growing, with stores from Whole Foods to Target to Stop & Shop now affected—and it's not just peanut butter that's causing salmonella concerns. Sunland, the company behind the recall, is adding cashew butter, blanched and roasted peanut products, and tahini... More »

76 Products Added to Peanut Butter Recall

Sunland adds a variety of nut butters, other foodstuffs in salmonella scare

(Newser) - It turns out the Trader Joe's peanut butter recall was just the tip of the iceberg. Sunland, the New Mexico-based company that produces Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter, today expanded the recall to include 76 different products, the LA Times reports. Most are other peanut butter... More »

Man Attacks Women With Sword and ... Sandwich

Mark Christopher Miller allegedly smeared lady with peanut butter

(Newser) - Two Florida women were likely scared when Mark Christopher Miller rushed them with a 4-foot sword, but maybe not quite as terrified by his second weapon: a peanut butter sandwich. The 50-year-old man is accused of poking one of the women, who is six months pregnant, with the sword after... More »

15 American Foods That Freak Out the World

Why do we like peanut butter and mayonnaise so much, anyway?

(Newser) - So you can't stomach the idea of drinking civet poop with your coffee ? Well, just imagine coming to America for the first time and encountering … mayonnaise. Houston Press writer Katharine Shilcutt took a survey of her foreign-born friends and came up with 15 examples of Western food... More »

Wife: Hubby's Ex Tried to Assault Me With Peanut Butter

Peanut butter-smeared letter could lead to charges

(Newser) - Anyone might find a letter smeared with peanut butter a bit odd, but one woman considered it … assault. The woman says her husband’s ex-wife sent him the letter, and since she’s highly allergic to peanuts, she believes it was actually an attempt to harm her. She found... More »

Salmonella Tests Spark Skippy Recall in 16 States

Reduced Fat Creamy and Super Chunk called back in 16 states

(Newser) - Next time you get a hankering for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, check the label first. Two varieties of Skippy Peanut Butter Spread are being recalled in 16 states, after company tests indicated that they might contain salmonella, WalletPop reports. No one has actually gotten sick yet, but Unilever... More »

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