two-state solution

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Netanyahu Backpedals on Two-State Comments

After election win, Israeli leader says he still supports the idea

(Newser) - With polls showing him in trouble on the eve of Israel's election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disavowed his support for a two-state solution with Palestinians and immediately reversed his political fortunes. With his victory less than two days old, he has already backtracked, reports the Jerusalem Post . “I... More »

US Busts Russia on Tape With Ukraine Spies

John Kerry revelation comes even as secretary apologizes for the last one

(Newser) - US intelligence has recordings of Russian officials giving orders to operatives in the Ukraine, proving that Russia is indeed behind the forces destabilizing Eastern Ukraine, John Kerry told Trilateral Commission leaders Friday, in a closed-door meeting that, ironically enough, was recorded and leaked to the Daily Beast . "Everybody can... More »

Kerry: Israel Risks Being 'An Apartheid State'

Israel not happy about the comment

(Newser) - John Kerry tossed the A-word around Friday during a closed door meeting, saying that Israel could become "an apartheid state" if peace talks with Palestine failed to generate a two-state solution. The Daily Beast acquired a recording of Kerry's comments, which came during a Trilateral Commission meeting. Kerry... More »

UN Poised to Make Palestine a Non-Member State

US, Israel battle the change

(Newser) - The United Nations will today vote on elevating Palestine's status from "entity" to "non-member state"—and the measure should sail through the General Assembly, Reuters reports. Developing countries are set to back the transition, as are more than a dozen European countries, including France and Spain.... More »

Ehud Olmert: Israel Needs Peace Now

Time for Netanyahu to get serious, says former PM

(Newser) - Israel and Palestine seem on a collision course for a diplomatic confrontation at the UN, but “things could and should have been different,” writes former PM Ehud Olmert in an op-ed for the New York Times . “The parameters of a peace deal are well known,” he... More »

Palestine to Security Council: Take Your Time

Statehood resolution doesn't have votes to pass

(Newser) - Palestine won’t push for an immediate Security Council vote on its push for full UN membership, because it doesn’t appear to have the requisite nine votes—even if the US weren’t promising to veto the move. “We will give some time to the Security Council,”... More »

Deal in Works to Prevent US-Palestine UN Showdown

Mahmoud Abbas would submit a letter, but not force a vote

(Newser) - The international community is hammering out a deal that would spare the US from having to veto Palestine’s move for statehood . There are several ideas floating about, but all revolve around the premise that Mahmoud Abbas would deliver a letter to the Security Council requesting statehood, but would not... More »

Abbas: We're Going for Statehood

Palestinian leader says he needs world to 'recognize the occupation'

(Newser) - It’s official: Mahmoud Abbas will demand full UN membership from the Security Council next week, despite an almost certain veto from the US. Abbas formally committed to the gambit for the first time in a speech today, the New York Times reports, saying that “We need a state,... More »

Palestinians to Buck US, Seek Statehood

They hope it'll strengthen negotiating position with Israel

(Newser) - Barring some kind of last-minute diplomatic magic trick, Mahmoud Abbas will ask the UN Security Council for membership next week, the Palestinian foreign minister said today—even as US diplomats traveled to the West Bank for last-ditch negotiating efforts. “We will see if anyone carries … any credible offer,... More »

Libyan Rebels Consider Two- State Solution

Rebels creating their own government, infrastructure in east

(Newser) - The Libyan rebels insist they want one state, with Tripoli as its capital, but as the fighting drags on, Benghazi is starting to look an awful lot like the capital of a separate state, with its own government and even its own oil business , the Washington Post observes. “We... More »

Obama Wants Israel to Take its Medicine

And Israel hates him for it

(Newser) - The president isn't a popular man in Jerusalem these days, thanks to his call for a freeze on Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank, and rumors that he's hatching his own Mideast peace plan. “Barack Obama is a disaster for Israel,” one liberal commentator there tells Gideon... More »

Daily Show Proposes Two-State Solution—for US

It's the only way to stop this health care violence

(Newser) - The spate of violence and death threats that erupted in the wake of the health care bill’s passage have left us with only one choice: Let’s just split the country in two, India-Pakistan style. At least, that’s the satirical solution Aasif Mandvi put forth last night, in... More »

Netanyahu Expected to Endorse Palestinian State

(Newser) - Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to endorse a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem this weekend, the Times of London reports. The decision follows intense pressure from the Obama administration to recognize the need for a Palestinian state. The US also wants Israel to stop expanding settlements in the... More »

Palestinians Must Accept Israel: Netanyahu

(Newser) - In a White House meeting today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is ready to resume peace talks with the Palestinians immediately, but any agreement is contingent on their acceptance of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Netanyahu and President Obama met for more than two hours... More »

In Bethlehem, Pope Calls for Palestinian State

From Bethlehem, Benedict demands Palestinian state

(Newser) - Pope Benedict decried the suffering in the West Bank and called for an independent Palestinian state today in Bethlehem, the London Times reports. "The Holy See supports the right of your people to a sovereign Palestinian homeland in the land of your forefathers," the pope said, addressing thousands... More »

Pope Lands in Israel, Calls for Free Palestine

Pontiff steps into controversy immediately upon arrival

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Israel today and immediately called for the creation of an independent Palestine, reports AP. The pontiff also vowed to "honor the memory" of the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Benedict's support for a free Palestine puts him at odds with Prime Minister... More »

Obama Invites Middle East Leaders to DC

Netanyahu, Abbas will meet president—but maybe not each other

(Newser) - Barack Obama has invited the leaders of Israel, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority for talks in Washington in a new bid for a Middle East peace agreement, reports the BBC. Obama extended the invitations after a meeting yesterday with Jordan’s King Abdullah, at which the president spoke of "... More »

Mitchell Pushes Two-State Solution in Israel

Palestinians must first accept Jewish state, Netanyahu responds

(Newser) - The Obama administration’s envoy to the Middle East told the Israeli government today that Washington will “vigorously pursue” the creation of a Palestinian state, Reuters reports. George Mitchell stated America’s purpose as a means to organize statehood talks with Israel; PM Benjamin Netanyahu said it would first... More »

Despite 'Skepticism,' Blair Nudges Netanyahu on Talks

Urges negotiations for two-state solution, more freedom for Palestinians

(Newser) - Though “there is a great deal of skepticism out there” about the motivation of Israel’s new prime minister, Middle East envoy Tony Blair today encouraged Benjamin Netanyahu to resume Palestinian peace talks amid efforts to improve the West Bank’s economy, Reuters reports. A “credible political negotiation... More »

Netanyahu to Push Israel-Palestinean Peace

But incoming PM ducks question of statehood

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the next prime minister of Israel, said in a speech today that his incoming government would be a "partner for peace" with the Palestinian people, but he made no mention of the two-state solution backed by the United States. As Reuters reports, Netanyahu focused on the territories'... More »

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