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Bentley Planning $140K SUV

2011 brought company first profit in years

(Newser) - Times may be tough, but the market for the most luxurious of luxury cars is booming at Bentley, and the British-based automaker is ready to capitalize on it. The company is considering building an SUV that would be priced at more than $140,000—and odds are good that the... More »

Jen's 'Do Worth $50K; Paris Pimps Her Ride for $282K

Priceless: Madge loses it over Britney song

(Newser) - Recession? What recession? Jennifer Aniston has a $50,000 hairdo and Paris Hilton, a $282,000 dashboard. Aniston recently insisted that her stylist accompany her to a week of European film premieres to work his $2,000-a-session wonders on her hair, the Post reports. Meanwhile, the Sun says Hilton recently... More »

Flashy Fare at Detroit Auto Show

Ogle the new beauties here

(Newser) - These may be dire times for the auto industry, but that hasn’t stopped it from putting on a show. Plenty of concept cars are taking their bows at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Wall Street Journal notes; sort through some highlights in the slide... More »

3 Stories