Princess Margaret

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Kate, Beware This Batty Crew

The Windsors are pretty wacky, says Christopher Hitchens

(Newser) - For those salivating over every bit of cake or gown drivel that oozes out of the royal wedding, Christopher Hitchens is here to rain on your parade. The "constitutional absurdity" (ie, monarchy) is getting ready to claim its latest victim, he writes in Slate, and Kate Middleton had best... More »

A Princess and Her Photog: How the Bloom Faded

18-year marriage had an auspicious start

(Newser) - Princess Margaret thrilled Britain in 1960 by marrying a dashing photographer—the first commoner to marry a monarch's daughter in 400 years. As Lord Snowdon, he navigated the perils of royal life while hosting parties with Margaret for London's jet set crowd of actors and writers. But Snowdon and the... More »

2 Stories