Taronga Park zoo

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Miracle Baby Elephant Struts His Stuff

Unnamed Australian calf was thought dead in the womb

(Newser) - A baby elephant who went into a coma in the womb while his mother spent a full week in labor has made his public debut at a Sydney zoo. Nicknamed Mr. Shuffles for his early difficulty walking, the calf captivated onlookers with his first shambling spin around his enclosure. “... More »

Aussies Snap Over Shark Terror

Series of attacks mars Australia's summer

(Newser) - A series of shark attacks in Australia has triggered a summer of terror and a national debate over whether it makes sense to continue to protect one of nature's most implacable predators. Three people were attacked in a single 48-hour period last month, reports Time. All that was found of... More »

2 Stories