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Bad Grandpa Finally Takes Gravity Down

While 'The Counselor' never even blasts off

(Newser) - Gravity finally came down to Earth this weekend, relinquishing its No. 1 place at the box office to Johnny Knoxville's prank-fueled Bad Grandpa. The Jackass genre flick fooled $32 million out of moviegoers, while the Sandra Bullock-starring space thriller earned another $20.3 million—bringing its overall gross to... More »

Gen-Xers React to Own Paul Ryan: Eh, This Bites

First Gen-Xer on presidential ticket inspires, well, angst

(Newser) - At 42-years-old—and a fan of grunge music, Coen brothers movies, and microbrews—Paul Ryan is the first Gen-X candidate to appear on a presidential ticket. But unlike the pride Baby Boomers felt for sax-playing Bill Clinton, Ryan is generating some very Gen-X angst, irony, and diffidence, reports the New ... More »

Johnny Knoxville Blogs Tribute to Ryan Dunn

'Dear friend' was a good laugher, equally good listener

(Newser) - At Ryan Dunn's memorial last week, Johnny Knoxville found himself unable to do anything other than mumble and try not to cry. He makes up for it with a touching tribute to his friend and co-star on his blog , writing that his world is "about 134% less funny"... More »

Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies in Fiery Car Crash

Police: Speed may have been a factor in crash

(Newser) - It wasn’t the crazy Jackass stunts that killed him, but rather a fiery car crash after a night of drinking with friends . Jackass cast member Ryan Dunn and an unidentified passenger riding in his 2007 Porsche died after the car left the roadway and burst into flames around 3am... More »

Jackass 3D: At Least Their Fans Love It

Critics, not so much

(Newser) - The new Jackass movie is out in 3D splendor, and maybe the most telling fact about early reaction is that it's got a lukewarm 52% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a loving 83% from audiences. Some review samples:
  • Stephen Whitty, Star-Ledger : "It's hard not laugh at some
... More »

World Hates Prejean Cuz She's Hot: Trump

Plus, first Survivor gets dragged back to jail, and more

(Newser) - Former Miss California Carrie Prejean is only controversial “because she’s so beautiful,” Donald Trump told David Letterman last night. “She said that a man should marry a woman, and it became very controversial for whatever reason, but I always said it was really because of her... More »

Jackass Indeed: Knoxville Brings Grenade to LAX

Photo-shoot prop was inactive, but actor will face criminal complaint

(Newser) - Los Angeles International Airport authorities detained former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville for bringing a grenade in a carry-on bag today, the E! Online reports. The bomb squad determined the grenade was not explosive. Knoxville was issued a citation and permitted to board his plane. “He told police it was... More »

Worst-Dressed List Rides Again

GOP operative Roger Stone picks up celeb fashion no-nos from late Mr Blackwell

(Newser) - Roger Stone, infamous in political circles for his dirty tricks, is taking his snark to the world of fashion, the New York Post reports. Stone—who sports a tattoo of onetime boss Richard Nixon on his back—took it upon himself to fill the void left by the death of... More »

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