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And Now: Crash-Test Dummies for Dogs

Nonprofit center teams up with Subaru to run simulations

(Newser) - Given the big bucks at stake among pet-loving Americans, this story might be surprising only in that it hasn't happened sooner: The Center for Pet Safety in Virginia has created crash-test dummies in the form of dogs and has been working with Subaru on rolling out sanctioned safety belts... More »

Vehicles That Drove GM to Bankruptcy

(Newser) - With the move finally official, Matt Hardigree, for Jalopnik, lists the 10 vehicles that bankrupted General Motors:
  • Chevrolet SSR: “Meant to capture the imagination of buyers. Unfortunately, few buyers were imagining an expensive, gas-guzzling convertible truck that …was basically unusable as a truck."
  • Saturn L-Series: Trying “
... More »

Mileage Be Damned, SUV Remains American Darling

(Newser) - Despite predictions of its demise, the SUV is alive and well at the New York auto show this year, Dan Carney writes for MSNBC. Sure, more fuel-efficient models of classic 4x4s make up the majority of the cars on display, but reports that the gas guzzler is passé, emanating from... More »

Cult Appeal Helps Subaru Buck Market

Loyal, expanding fan base moves sales, market share up in down year for industry

(Newser) - While other car companies are stuck in reverse, Subaru keeps chugging along, Time reports. While its fan base tends to buy cars only every 7.3 years, it remains fiercely loyal to the brand, known for safety, green operations, and good value. Subaru increased sales last year, and boosted its... More »

4 Stories