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Bashir Is Deceitful Propaganda

(Newser) - Waltz With Bashir is a beautifully made movie, and Gideon Levy will be rooting for writer/director Ari Folman to win the first Israeli Oscar tomorrow night, along with the rest of the country. “However, it must also be noted that the film is infuriating, disturbing outrageous, and deceptive,”... More »

Waltz With Bashir Has Echoes of Gaza

Award-winning film on 1982 Lebanon massacre looks plenty familiar

(Newser) - Israel’s Gaza assault is slipping from US front pages, yet ironically, Waltz With Bashir, an Israeli animated film about the 1982 Israel-Lebanon war, is taking America by storm, earning mountains of critical praise and a Golden Globe. The parallels between that atrocity and the current conflict are striking, Gary... More »

2 Stories