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Feds Ready to Prosecute in Financial Meltdown

Inquiry panel will name names on Thursday

(Newser) - It might finally be time to pay for a handful of Wall Streeters, as the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission prepares to name names for possible prosecution, insiders tell the Huffington Post . The panel, which will release three separate reports on Thursday, is turning several cases over to state and federal... More »

Yet Another Blackwater Case Collapses

Issues with evidence, immunity make prosecution tough

(Newser) - Legal cases against Blackwater employees accused of committing murder and other violent crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan have been collapsing one by one, the New York Times reports. This week, the Justice Department dropped a case against an armorer accused of killing a guard to an Iraqi official; the move... More »

Drug-Smuggling Subs Go High-Tech

(Newser) - It's not a lark anymore: Miniature submarines now carry about a third of the cocaine smuggled into the US. With the numbers up, the Washington Post takes a look at how these so-called semi-submersibles have gotten more and more high-tech over the last 2 years. Authorities say sub builders are... More »

Obama Must Oppose Spain's Bush Lawyer Probe: Bolton

Only our Constitution should judge policy decisions

(Newser) - President Obama’s "John Ehrlichman approach" to Spain’s investigation of Bush officials may be “smart politics,” but it’s dangerous for the country, writes John Bolton in the Washington Post. If the administration doesn’t speak out against the probe, it allows an “unaccountable... More »

Torture Convictions Would Be a Long Shot

Prosecution possible, but nailing Cheney a legal headache

(Newser) - Those calling for Bush administration prosecutions on torture-related grounds may have their way—but whether those in question can actually be convicted is a whole other kettle of fish, Jeffrey Rosen writes in New York. Much of the case would likely hinge on whether authorities believed their own claims in... More »

Iraq PM Vows to Prosecute US Troops After Fatal Raid

First time Iraq has threatened prosecution against American soldiers

(Newser) - Iraq’s prime minister is threatening the country’s first prosecution of US troops after two Iraqis were killed yesterday morning in a US raid, the Washington Post reports. Nouri al-Maliki said the raid violated a security agreement that bans unilateral American action; the US says Iraq’s military had... More »

Push to Indict Dubya Gets Caffeine Boost

Coffee merchant sends 2,200 Prosecution of Bush books to DAs

(Newser) - A Seattle coffee merchant has sent 2,200 copies of Vincent Bugliosi’s bestselling The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder to DAs whose districts have lost residents to the Iraq war, the Seattle Times reports. The damning book “was the first time in 8 years I had... More »

HBO Cruelty Doc Makes Pork Industry Squeamish

(Newser) - A documentary on animal cruelty at an Ohio hog farm has the pork industry considering how to better represent its “commitment to animal care,” Reuters reports. The footage in Death on a Factory Farm, taken secretly, led to animal-cruelty prosecutions, though the charged workers were acquitted. HBO airs... More »

Evidence Mess Threatens Gitmo Cases: Ex-Prosecutor

Evidence 'lost, disorganized'

(Newser) - The handling of evidence in Guantanamo Bay cases is so chaotic it may be impossible to properly convict a single prisoner, charges a former military prosecutor. Former Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld is supporting a federal court petition to free one detainee, Mohammed Jawad, who has been held without trial for... More »

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