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CIA Reveals Names of 15 Slain Agents

In new effort to publicly honor officers

(Newser) - CIA agents killed in the line of duty over the last 30 years finally got their due yesterday. The agency revealed the names of 15 such operatives in a ceremony, reports the Los Angeles Times . Many of the fallen officers had been working under the guise of State Department employees.... More »

US, Russian Experts Chuckle at Feckless 'Spies'

Operation viewed as 'nutty' throwback

(Newser) - To espionage experts, the 11 alleged secret agents busted as members of a Russian spy ring look like something straight out of the spy spoof Burn After Reading: inept amateurs relying on outdated, cliched methods and delivering very little useful intelligence. One former CIA boss called the operation "nutty"... More »

Prisoner Star McGoohan Dead at 80

British actor also created and produced '60s TV cult classic

(Newser) - Emmy Award-winning actor Patrick McGoohan, who starred in 1960s TV shows The Prisoner and Secret Agent, has died, the Los Angeles Times reports. The veteran British character actor, who appeared in Braveheart as the villainous, scene-stealing King Edward Longshanks, was 80. In its 17-episode run, The Prisoner, which McGoohan created,... More »

3 Stories