Pride and Prejudice

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Historically Accurate Portrait of Mr. Darcy May Disappoint

The 'Pride and Prejudice' character didn't look anything like Colin Firth

(Newser) - Colin Firth stands alone. A new study commissioned by the Drama Channel finds that the "real" Mr. Darcy wouldn't have been anywhere near as attractive in today's world as Firth's infamous, wet-shirted portrayal in a 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The study was done just... More »

Thanks to 50 Shades, the Classics Get Sex Scenes

Introducing 'Clandestine Classics'

(Newser) - Jane Eyre is great and all, but wouldn't it be so much better if it featured tons of "explosive sex" scenes? Thanks to Clandestine Classics , it soon will. The company is publishing erotic versions of that and other tomes including Pride and Prejudice, 20,000 Leagues Under the ... More »

Unfinished Jane Austen Manuscript Sells for $1.6M

Draft of 'The Watsons' is Austin's earliest surviving manuscript

(Newser) - An unfinished early Jane Austen manuscript sold at auction in London today for three times its highest pre-sale estimate. The draft of The Watsons sold for $1.6 million to an anonymous buyer after extended four-way bidding in the salesroom. The incomplete work is the earliest surviving manuscript for a... More »

Zombies Work in Latest Jane Austen Spinoff

Somehow, style lends itself to the undead ... aliens ... vampires ...

(Newser) - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has been so well received that one must question “why these silly, campy things work so well,” Monica Hesse writes in the Washington Post. She suggests that it’s not simply because Jane Austen and vampires sell—as the author of the forthcoming... More »

Psychologists: Victorian Novels Helped Us Evolve

Victorian literature upheld cooperation, personal sacrifice

(Newser) - Victorian novels didn't just tout moralistic values of 19th-century British society, they helped altruistic genes flourish, a study claims. Evolutionary psychologists say classic characters such as Mr. Darcy and Count Dracula helped instill and promote a sense of right and wrong in society, the Guardian reports, specifically the notion that... More »

5 Stories