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Now Redbox Is Raising Prices

DVD rentals to cost $1.20 per night

(Newser) - With Netflix still reeling from its price-hike debacle, you’d think Redbox would hold off on any increases. Instead, the rental kiosk company is raising the per-night price of a DVD rental from $1 to $1.20, Mashable reports. The bump, announced yesterday, takes effect on Halloween. “This marks... More »

Netflix Won't Die, It Just Won't Rule the World

The streaming video service will be fine, it just won't rule the world

(Newser) - Yes, its stock has plunged 70% since July , and yes, it has shed 800,000 subscribers , but Netflix isn’t doomed, writes Holman Jenkins of the Wall Street Journal —it’s just not going to rule the world, either. The problem isn’t so much that people loved their... More »

Netflix Loses 800K Customers

As stock plunges, CEO blames Tea Party, Occupy Wall St.

(Newser) - The horror movie isn't over for Netflix shareholders. The company, facing a customer revolt over price hikes, posted third-quarter results that were even worse than expected, Bloomberg reports. The company has lost around 800,000 subscribers since June, leaving it with 23.8 million, when it had predicted that... More »

Netflix Expects 1M Fewer Subscribers

Shares slump on lowered projections

(Newser) - Netflix is taking its lumps today over its price hike and plan changes. After the company announced that it expects to have 1 million fewer US subscribers than projected at the end of the third quarter—24 million, instead of 25 million—its shares slid about 15%, reports MarketWatch . The... More »

Will Netflix Changes Make Us Dumber?

Convenience could kill off quality: Sam Adams

(Newser) - Netflix probably only had its bottom line in mind when it announced the separation of its streaming and DVD services, but does it signal something more sinister? "It increasingly seems like we’re moving toward a world in which the success of a given work of art is determined... More »

Netflix to Customers: Choose DVDs or Streaming

Or pay more for both, under new pricing plans

(Newser) - Alert to subscribers: Netflix is making big changes to its pricing structure. The movie rental company is separating its DVD subscriptions from its streaming-content plans. Subscribers will have a few options, the company’s blog notes: They can pay $7.99 a month for one DVD at a time, with... More »

Movie Rental Kiosks Beat Out Stores Last Year

But subscription services still reign

(Newser) - Movie rental kiosks' market share surpassed that of retail stores in 2010, a study finds: Kiosks such as Redbox hosted 31% of third-quarter rentals, while 27% were from actual stores. Subscription services had the biggest market share, with 41%. Kiosks' market share grew 10 percentage points year-over-year, while stores dropped... More »

Danish Man Turns Himself In for Copying DVDs

He hopes to test-anti piracy law in court

(Newser) - A Danish man has reported himself to police for copying his DVD collection to his computer. Henrik Anderson is looking to test two contradictory Danish laws—one that allows the creation of "personal use" backup copies and another that prohibits the breaking of DRM, or digital rights management, to... More »

DVD Box Sets of TV Shows Are Pure Evil

Even the best programs will end up seeming superficial

(Newser) - This holiday season, have some pity on your friends and relatives—spare them the DVD box sets of their favorite TV shows. "The DVD box set is the newest and most terrifying form of ritualistic abuse we inflict on one another," writes Grady Hendrix. Not only are we... More »

Retailers Sell Flicks Online at Less Than Cost

Big-box giants drop price of 10 hottest DVD titles to $10

(Newser) - Wal-Mart has spurred an online DVD price war by dropping prices on 10 must-have movies to just $10, which analysts agree is below wholesale cost. “We remain committed to offering our customers the lowest prices online at Walmart.com, and will continue to adjust our pricing accordingly,” a... More »

Best Buy Noses Into Online Movie Market

Streaming service will come pre-loaded on gadgets

(Newser) - Best Buy has partnered with online provider CinemaNow to develop a movie downloading service that will come preloaded on the bulk of its Internet-capable electronics. The move follows a 13% slump in DVD sales for the year that has had the company casting about for a new revenue stream. It... More »

Mass. Mailman Steals 30K DVDs

Yearlong 2007 crime was noticed when, well, DVDs started disappearing en masse

(Newser) - A former Massachusetts postal worker has pleaded guilty to stealing 30,000 Netflix DVDs that passed through the Springfield post office, the Republican reports. Investigators got wise to the crime—which spanned all of 2007—when the company noticed it was losing up to a 100 DVDs a week in... More »

This Summer, Catch Up on Neglected TV Series

(Newser) - As the American Idol dust clears and you resign yourself to never understanding Lost, TV's fallow season looms, just begging you to catch up on some excellent viewing you might have missed. NPR blogger Linda Holmes has some suggestions:
  • Mad Men"Works very well when you can grab
... More »

Recession-Wary Teens Cut Back on Spending

Teens spend less on food, apparel while video games and DVDs still popular

(Newser) - The downturn is causing teens, who usually spend through recessions while parents absorb the pinch, to cut back, Advertising Age reports. Teenagers are spending about 14% less this spring than last, a “dramatic impact” from a demographic that spends an average of $125 billion each year. Unemployment is also... More »

Warner Bros. Opens Its Film Vault Online

6,800 movies will be posted for viewing, recording

(Newser) - Film fans, rejoice! Warner Bros. is dusting off its archive and making 6,800 films that never made it to DVD available for purchase online. Warnerarchive.com launched yesterday with an initial 150 titles—ranging from the 1923 silent Souls for Sale to the more recent Wisdom with Emilio Estevez.... More »

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