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2009's Worst Sex Scenes

Congratulations, Katherine Heigl, for making the list twice

(Newser) - Sometimes on-screen sex scenes are just sex…not sexy. The Frisky points to a list on YourTango detailing the 10 worst sex scenes of 2009:
  • The Watchmen: Two superheroes have sex on a spaceship…with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” playing in the background. Enough said.
  • The Ugly Truth: Katherine
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After Watchmen, Bring On Next 'Unfilmables'

(Newser) - Alan Moore’s Watchmen was supposed to be unfilmable. But with the director’s cut hitting stores today, that pretty obviously wasn’t the case. Scott Thill lists some supposedly unfilmable geek bibles for Wired:
  • Sandman: “It’s not film-shaped,” says creator Neil Gaiman. “What I got
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Please Stop Covering 'Hallelujah': Leonard Cohen

After 181 recorded versions, singer-songwriter thinks its time for a break

(Newser) - Leonard Cohen is tired of people covering “Hallelujah.” “I was reading a review of a movie called Watchmen that uses it, and the reviewer said, ‘Can we please have a moratorium on ‘Hallelujah’ in movies and television shows?’ and I kind of feel the same... More »

Monsters vs. Aliens Wins Box Office Showdown

(Newser) - Monsters vs. Aliens battled its way to the top this weekend, grossing $58.2 million, Entertainment Weekly reports. A staggering $32.6 million of that total was from 3-D showings, helping the family flick best Watchmen as the year’s top opener. The Haunting in Connecticut scared up $23 million... More »

Knowing Thinks Big at Box Office

(Newser) - Knowing knew what audiences wanted this weekend and grasped top spot with a $24.8 million haul, the Hollywood Reporter says. Buddy flick I Love You, Man bromanced to second with $18 million, while Duplicity made off with $14.4 million in third. Holdovers Race to Witch Mountain ($13 million)... More »

Witch Mountain Wins Weekend

Watchmen drops to second, Last House comes third

(Newser) - Race to Witch Mountain sped to the box office summit this weekend by banking $25 million, Entertainment Weekly reports. Last week’s big earner, Watchmen, dropped to second with $18.1 million, while upstart The Last House on the Left scared up $14.7 million in third. Taken ($6.7... More »

Watchmen Sees Tepid Weekend Win

Blockbuster doesn't live up to opening-weekend projections

(Newser) - Who watches the Watchmen? Too few moviegoers to live up to box-office projections, says the Hollywood Reporter. The much-hyped flick earned only $55.7 million this weekend as Madea Goes to Jail locked in $8.8 million, Taken took $7.5 million, and Slumdog Millionaire kept riding its Oscar wave... More »

Warner Bros. Watches Watchmen to Gauge Health

(Newser) - Warner Brothers restructured last year to focus on producing blockbusters like The Dark Knight, and now the studio is waiting to see if the move pays off with Watchmen, the Financial Times reports. Warner can finance a slew of films with profits from one “tent pole” movie. “The... More »

Watchmen Just Watchable

Film 'bites off more than it can chew'

(Newser) - The task of putting graphic-novel classic Watchmen onscreen may be more than any filmmaker can handle, critics say—though director Zack Snyder did win over Roger Ebert. Some impressions:
  • "Stumbles and sometimes falls on its top-heavy ambitions. But there are also flashes of visual brilliance and performances that drill
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Watchmen Sure to Blow Wilson's Cover

(Newser) - Patrick Wilson has had many brushes with fame, but it’s fairly certain his role in the hotly anticipated Watchmen will finally make walking down the street a chore, New York reports. He’s done studio films before (remember The Alamo?), won praise for his role in Little Children, even... More »

'Geeks Have Won': Hollywood Gaga Over Comics

Big screen adaptations bring fame to writers

(Newser) - Comic books—trendy? All of a sudden they are, the Los Angeles Times reports. “The geeks have won,” says Ed Brubaker, one of the many comic-book creators who now finds himself a celebrity. Brubaker’s Angel of Death premieres online today as a live-action series, but he’s... More »

Studios Call Off Watchmen War

Long-awaited comic adaptation to hit theaters after Fox, Warners settle

(Newser) - Audiences will be able to watch Watchmen as scheduled now that Warner Bros and Fox smoothed out a super hero dispute, E! Online reports. Fox, which sued Warners for copyright infringement over the DC Comics film adaptation, has agreed to relinquish distribution rights for a cash payment and a... More »

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