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Scientists Create New 'Super Steel'

Titanium-strength metal is lighter, stronger, cheaper—and less likely to break

(Newser) - A group of South Korean scientists says it's finally come up with the perfect metallurgical cocktail to create a new form of steel that's flexible, lightweight, relatively inexpensive—and as strong as titanium, Popular Mechanics reports. The South Korean study published in Nature , which is being heralded by... More »

Culprit in Fires at Golf Courses? Titanium Clubs

Clubs spark when they hit rocks

(Newser) - Before you break out your titanium golf clubs for the warmer weather, you might want to grab a fire extinguisher as well. A new study finds that titanium golf clubs spark if they strike rocks while swinging in the rough—and those sparks remain hot for a long time, meaning... More »

New Evidence Suggests Iranian Missile Program

Metal shipments, banking activities come under US scrutiny

(Newser) - New evidence suggests that Iran may be evading international sanctions, importing high-performance metals that could be used to build long-range weaponry, US security and law enforcement officials tell the Wall Street Journal. One invoice shows a shipment of metals going to an Iranian company through an intermediary. UAE officials, meanwhile,... More »

3 Stories