Canadian geese

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Goose Executions Ruffle Feathers

Feds' response to Flight 1549 crash has some crying foul

(Newser) - Some see them as neighborhood pets. Others see them as freeloading flying rats who crashed Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger’s plane, and right now, this group is winning the fight over Canada geese. Federal wildlife officials have been rounding up the ubiquitous foul and gassing them to death, sparking a... More »

NYC to Kill 2K Geese Near Main Airports

Bird strike that brought down Flight 1549 inspires hunt to kill 2K Canada geese

(Newser) - Sully's revenge: Authorities are going to round up and kill up to 2,000 Canada geese near JFK and LaGuardia airports, reports the New York Post. A bird strike led to pilot Chesley Sullenberger's unexpected detour on the Hudson in January, and the city and Port Authority want to lower... More »

NY Crash Is Sign That Bird Strikes Are Soaring

(Newser) - Yesterday’s US Airways crash is just the most high-profile illustration of the growing problem of bird strikes, Time reports. Such run-ins quadrupled from 1,759 in 1990 to 7,666 in 2007. The problem, ironically, may be improving technology: Most jets now have two engines rather than four, leaving... More »

3 Stories