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Search of 'Pulverized' Plane Yields No Survivors

One black box recovered; kids on school trip feared among crash victims

(Newser) - A helicopter crew has found no survivors after landing near the remote area where a Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed in the French Alps today, French PM Manuel Valls says. "Everything is pulverized," a local lawmaker adds . "The largest debris is the size of a car." One... More »

Airbus Crashes in French Alps; 'No Survivors' Expected

Germanwings plane was believed to be carrying 150 passengers, crew

(Newser) - An Airbus A320 crashed in the French Alps today with an estimated 144 passengers and six crew aboard, French media are reporting. The plane, operated by Lufthansa budget carrier Germanwings, was en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf; debris has been spotted near Digne, notes NBC News . Germanwings confirmed the crash... More »

'Hell' on JetBlue Flight Over Vegas

Hydraulic system fails on Airbus A320, plane circles for hours

(Newser) - Be glad that you were not on Sunday's JetBlue flight from Las Vegas to New York, which one passenger describes as "four hours of hell." The plane's hydraulic system failed, causing it to careen from side to side and go into dizzying turns, and the passengers'... More »

Airbus' Star Jet Grounded After Air Show Flub

Airbus faces series of setbacks at Paris Air Show

(Newser) - The world’s biggest air show begins today, but Airbus won't be showing off the gem of its fleet—the superjumbo A380 has been grounded after it collided with a taxiway building, damaging its wingtip. It’s just one of several Paris Air Show embarrassments for the Boeing rival,... More »

'Miracle on Hudson' Jet Heading to NC Museum

Exhibit to focus on the technology that made miracle possible

(Newser) - More than two years after Chesley Sullenberger crash-landed his plane into the icy waters off New York City, the Airbus A320 dubbed "The Miracle on the Hudson" is going on display at a North Carolina museum, reports the AP . The plane has been sitting in a northern New Jersey... More »

‘Miracle on Hudson’ Plane Up for Auction

Used Airbus for sale, some water and bird damage

(Newser) - The aircraft that hero pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger safely landed in the Hudson River a year ago has hit the auction block. The insurance company that paid off US Airways' claim in the crash is seeking to unload what's left of the Airbus 320 it took possession of, Wired ... More »

1600 Cockpit Doors May Be Defective

Airlines ordered to repair anti-hijack doors

(Newser) - Doors designed to keep intruders out of aircraft cockpits may be faulty on at least 1,600 commercial jets, according to aviation industry insiders. Authorities in the US and elsewhere have ordered repairs be made to hundreds of Boeing 747s and Airbus A320s in the coming months, sources tell the... More »

Autopilot Safety Under Scrutiny

(Newser) - One minute Qantas Flight 72 was cruising at a level altitude, autopilot humming. Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, the Airbus A320 went into a nosedive, as the pilots helplessly watched. Eventually, they righted the plane, but not before 115 passengers were injured. Nor was this an isolated incident. Automated... More »

Airbus A320 Makes Forced Landing on Canary Islands

(Newser) - An Airbus A320 experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff today from the Canary Islands and was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing. The Spanish Iberworld airliner was headed from Gran Canaria to Oslo, Norway, said Spanish national airport authority AENA. No one was hurt and the plane... More »

Second Engine Found in Hudson

FAA advisory warned that plane could stall

(Newser) - The missing left engine from US Airways Flight 1549 was found intact today, the New York Post reports. Sonar scans detected an object of matching dimensions at the bottom of the Hudson yesterday, but choppy currents prevented investigators from confirming their find until today. The engine is being subjected to... More »

Both Engines Missing From US Airways Plane

Search continues in Hudson; investigators plan to fish jet out tomorrow

(Newser) - The US Airways plane that ditched in the Hudson River yesterday is missing both engines, crucial clues in the investigation, the New York Times reports. Police divers aided by sonar are searching for them even as officials prepare to hoist the plane out of the water tomorrow. Investigators needs them... More »

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