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SD Reservation on Edge After Legalizing Booze

Police chief fears surge in violence

(Newser) - A South Dakota reservation that's been dry almost since its founding has voted to allow the possession and sale of alcohol on its grounds, a move that runs counter to traditional federal rules. The decision has Oglala Sioux tribe members deeply divided—so divided that ballots had to be... More »

Judge to Sioux: You Can't Sue Beer Makers for Alcoholism

At least in federal court; state case may follow

(Newser) - A federal judge has dismissed a novel lawsuit filed by a Sioux tribe in South Dakota that went after beer makers and stores of a nearby town for contributing to rampant alcoholism on the reservation, reports the BBC . The $500 million lawsuit by the Oglala tribe centered on these numbers:... More »

For Native American Women, Sex Assault Is 'the Norm'

Rate of rape much higher than the rest of the country

(Newser) - The official number is bad enough: One in three American Indian women have experienced rape or attempted rape, a rate more than twice the national average. But it gets worse: One survey finds that in some rural villages, the rate of sexual violence is as much as 12 times the... More »

For Some Teens, America Is a Third-World Country

Decaying infrastructure hits reservations especially hard

(Newser) - America's deteriorating infrastructure may not be immediately noticeable to you—but take a walk on an Indian reservation, and that will soon change. In the Daily Beast , Eliza Griswold profiles EJ Montoya, 16, one of 400 students who battles sometimes impassable roads and numerous other obstacles just to get to... More »

Mexican Gangs Move Into US Indian Land

Drug cartels take advantage of overworked cops

(Newser) - Mexican drug gangs have been rapidly expanding their marijuana-growing operations in the US in recent years, especially on Indian reservations. The gangs take advantage of underfunded tribal police departments, large tracts of unused land, and overlapping jurisdictions to set up grows on reservations from California to South Dakota, authorities say.... More »

5 Stories