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Even GOP Lawmakers Say Trump Budget Has No Chance

Cuts labeled 'draconian, careless'

(Newser) - President Trump's first budget proposal appears to have little chance of getting past the people who actually control federal spending. The sweeping spending cutbacks were denounced as extreme Thursday even by Trump's Republican allies in Congress. The cuts to domestic programs are "draconian, careless, and counterproductive,"... More »

Here's the First Taste of Trump's 'America First' Budget

First budget proposal will seek $54B increase in defense spending

(Newser) - The Trump administration isn't straying from its "America first" mantra: It plans to recommend some significant reallocation of funds in the 2018 budget, bumping defense spending by 10%, or $54 billion. An equivalent amount will be shaved off non-security spending for the budget year starting Oct. 1; law... More »

Senate Passes GOP Budget at 3:28am

50-plus amendments passed in all-night 'vote-a-rama'

(Newser) - The Senate powered through an 18-hour session that ended at 3:28am this morning, giving a yea or nay to more than 50 amendments in a "vote-a-rama" marathon and, in a 52-46 vote, approving a budget that looks to pave the way for dumping ObamaCare, Reuters reports. Not one... More »

5 Things to Know About Obama's $3.99T Budget

The goal: a 'sustainable' deficit

(Newser) - President Obama has unveiled his fiscal 2016 budget, and it's not likely to receive a warm welcome from Republicans, Reuters reports. The $3.99 trillion plan for the budget year that begins Oct. 1 is founded on higher taxes both for the wealthy and corporations; some money will come... More »

Missouri Now Home to One of the Strictest Abortion Laws

GOP kills Dem filibuster to push through bill last night

(Newser) - Missouri is now one of two states requiring a 72-hour waiting period before having an abortion, with no exception for rape or incest, the AP reports. Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of the bill—which he called "extreme and disrespectful" toward women—was overridden by the legislature by the... More »

Obama Budget Looks to Expand Tax Breaks for Poor

Budget also calls for drastic shift in military footing

(Newser) - President Obama will release his annual budget blueprint today, and it's widely expected to go precisely nowhere in Congress. "It's designed primarily as an appeal to his Democratic base," writes Darren Samuelsohn at Politico . But the New York Times notes that Obama is using the opportunity... More »

Obama Snubs GOP, Ditches Social Security Cuts

Olive branch to Boehner is rescinded

(Newser) - President Obama is done playing nice with the budget. The White House will be ditching a proposal to curtail Social Security cost-of-living increases, along with other policies that he included last year in an attempt to reach out to Republicans, the Wall Street Journal reports. "This year, the administration... More »

GOP Joins as Budget Clears 1st Senate Vote, 67-33

Deal should pass Senate no later than tomorrow

(Newser) - Conservatives still don't love the bipartisan budget deal passed by the House last week , but as expected, it advanced in the Senate today after a number of Republican senators declared their support. In some cases, their quite tepid support: The deal "isn’t everything I’d hoped it... More »

Why the USDA Hastily Spent $144K on Toner Cartridges

Government agencies have to 'use it or lose it' by tomorrow

(Newser) - Congress is still squabbling over next year's federal budget, but government agencies only have until tomorrow to spend as much of this year's budget as possible before that money disappears. And so they are. Yep, it's "use it or lose it" season in DC, reports the... More »

It's Shutdown Week, and Nobody Trusts Anybody

Your guide to the next round in Washington's endless fiscal wars

(Newser) - Washington has eight days left before the continuing resolution funding the government runs out, and this latest round of brinksmanship might be the worst yet, for a simple reason: None of the major players like or trust each other anymore, the Hill observes. Here are the relationships at play:
  • President
... More »

Obama Budget Leaves GOP With 'No Excuses'

Ezra Klein: White House aims to expose Republican 'intransigence'

(Newser) - President Obama's budget proposal is the latest move in his administration's "systematic" effort to expose flimsy GOP excuses for government inaction, writes Ezra Klein in the Washington Post . Republicans had complained that Obama didn't extend a hand to them; now, he's constantly meeting with them.... More »

Obama Sends $3.8T Budget to Congress

Seeks 'grand bargain' with cuts, taxes that rile both Dems, GOP

(Newser) - President Obama's budget plan for fiscal year 2014 is en route to Congress. Seeking to slash the deficit, it contains a mix of tax hikes on the wealthy and cuts to government programs—including entitlements—that is upsetting both sides of the aisle, the AP reports. "I have... More »

Why the Left Hates 'Chained CPI'

Obama's proposed Social Security changes are not popular with liberals

(Newser) - President Obama is making some concessions to Republicans in his new budget, and there's one that has particularly rankled the Democrats' ranks, reports MSNBC : A proposal to change the way Social Security benefits are determined by linking it to something called "chained CPI." So what is it... More »

Obama Budget to Offer GOP a Spoonful of Sugar

Medicare, Social Security cuts 'demonstrate willingness to compromise': NYT

(Newser) - Obama's personal salary isn't the only figure the president plans on cutting this year. A new budget set to be released next week proposes cuts to Medicare and Social Security. It's a deficit-reducing olive branch to the GOP, and the administration says it will lead to... More »

US Might Try to Catch an Asteroid

Plan would bring million-pound rock close enough for exploration

(Newser) - President Obama's budget proposal will include funds for a wild plan to use a robotic spacecraft to snag an asteroid and drag it close enough to Earth for astronauts to land on and study it, Aviation Week reports. The project, as dreamed up in a study last year by... More »

Senate Passes First Budget in 4 Years, 50-49

Calls for $975B in new taxes over decade

(Newser) - The Senate gave pre-dawn approval today to a $3.7 trillion budget for next year that embraces nearly $1 trillion in tax increases over the coming decade but shelters domestic programs targeted for cuts by Republicans in the House. It's the first budget the Democratic-run Senate has approved in... More »

Obama's Problem Is With Democrats

John Boehner complains that Obama isn't offering concessions, wants leadership

(Newser) - "So it was a good meeting." That's how John Boehner begins his op-ed in the Washington Post today, in reference to yesterday's face-to-face with President Obama . But it wasn't that good. "While this may have been the first time some of my colleagues have... More »

Senate Dems Blow Off Obama's Budget Wish List

Leadership struggling to pass spending bill

(Newser) - As they rush to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government, one might imagine that Senate Democrats would heed President Obama's requests for funds for health care or Wall Street reform, but that's not exactly the case. Republicans didn't include those things in the House budget,... More »

Democratic Whip on Hill: 'We're Doing Stupid Things'

Steny Hoyer sums things up on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - Democratic leaders say they won't try to block a GOP spending bill to fund the government, despite taking issue with its contents. "We're not whipping at this time," Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer told reporters, according to the Hill and Politico . The reason? Because Democrats don't... More »

Sequester Day Has Arrived

At some point today, Obama will have to initiate the cuts

(Newser) - Happy sequester day, America. By 11:59 tonight, Barack Obama will have to formally notify federal agencies that it's time to start implementing across-the-board cuts, barring a last-minute deal that at this point seems wildly improbable. While Congressional leaders will meet at the White House today, there's so... More »

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