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States Fret as Road Salt Grows Scarce, Pricey

Last year's winter depleted reserves

(Newser) - Road salt is stressing state and municipal budgets as shortages drive prices up well past what local governments have paid in the past, USA Today reports. A harsh winter last year left many states with no salt reserves to carry over, meaning they have to fully restock at inflated prices.... More »

States Consider Leasing Roads as Upkeep Takes Toll

$12.8B deal could make Penn. Turnpike largest such public-private partnership

(Newser) - With Pennsylvania legislators set to vote next month on a $12.8 billion deal that would put the 537-mile Pennsylvania Turnpike under private operation, such public-private partnerships are accelerating across the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. Often bankrolled by infrastructure funds—which have $160 billion under management—the projects... More »

Building Costs Pinch Budgets

State and local government now struggling to pay for new projects

(Newser) - Rising interest rates, falling tax revenues, and construction costs that have skyrocketed are causing local and state governments to rethink projects as diverse as building new schools, repairing bridges, and roads, even constructing new levees in the Everglades, reports the New York Times. Experts say fast-growing global economies are also... More »

California Ranked Worst for Traffic

New Jersey boasts poorest road system

(Newser) - California ranks No.1 in the US for interstate traffic jams, says a new study which focused on congestion around big cities. With traffic snarled on 83.3% of its urban roadways, the Golden State edged out runners-up Minnesota and New Jersey. Surprisingly, New York—gridlock central—only came in... More »

4 Stories