Brookhaven National Laboratory

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The Move From Hell: 15-Ton Magnet, 3.2K Miles, 5 Weeks

Massive electromagnet will head from NY to Fermilab

(Newser) - Say you have a 15 ton, 50-foot-wide electromagnet kicking around. And say a lab halfway across the country needs it. Scientists at Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island are facing down the logistics of that very move, reports the AP , a 3,200-mile trek to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory... More »

Women Hard-Wired to Eat More

Brain scans reveal that men may be better able to resist food

(Newser) - Women may be hard-wired to overeat, according to a new study of why men diet more successfully than women. A little-understood mechanism in the brain appears to give women less self control when it comes to dieting. Researchers speculate that women have evolved to crave food for pregnancy and lactation.... More »

2 Stories