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It's Here: Early Voting in 2016 Race Has Begun

As of Friday, North Carolina is accepting absentee ballots

(Newser) - Determining the fate of the US presidency officially kicks off Friday. North Carolina is the first of 37 states and DC to open up advance balloting so voters can, as the AP puts it, "be done with the 2016 presidential race." North Carolinians can now send in absentee... More »

It's Official: Obama Wins Florida

Final electoral count is 332 to 206

(Newser) - See, that didn't take so long. Florida finished its count of absentee ballots today, and, as expected , President Obama won the state. The victory makes the final Electoral College tally 332 to 206. State officials say Obama won by roughly 74,000 votes out of about 8 million cast,... More »

Alaska Senate Battle Could Take Weeks to Resolve

Lisa Murkowski write-in campaign makes things hairy

(Newser) - Thanks to Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign, it could be weeks before the result of Alaska’s election is clear. And depending on how races in the Lower 48 play out, that could mean weeks of nail-biting before we know which party controls the Senate, the New York Times reports.... More »

Dem Creeps Ahead in NY Congress Race

Murphy up by 56 in bid to replace Gillibrand; many yet uncounted

(Newser) - Democrat Scott Murphy has widened his lead to 56 in New York’s special race for what was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s House seat, the Hill reports. Murphy’s lead over Republican Jim Tedisco stood at 25 before some 100 absentee votes were tallied today. But several counties have yet... More »

Coleman Willing to Continue Minn. Election Battle

Former senator 'not ruling out' state, federal appeals

(Newser) - Norm Coleman is leaving himself the option of taking the case of Minnesota’s disputed Senate election all the way to the US Supreme Court, Politico reports. The Republican is not “at this point” expecting to go that far—after all, that’d be after the Minnesota Supreme Court... More »

Minn. Recount Trial Goes to Judges

(Newser) - The Minnesota recount trial is finally out of the lawyers’ hands, with both sides claiming certain victory, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Now the judges will weigh evidence provided by Norm Coleman’s and Al Franken’s teams and decide exactly which votes to count. “It’s more likely... More »

Coleman Lawyers Blast Judges' 'Fatal Inconsistency'

Trial rhetoric escalates as judges deny Coleman ballots

(Newser) - Norm Coleman's lawyers lambasted the judges in Minnesota's recount trial for again refusing to reconsider certain rejected absentee votes that would narrow Al Franken's 225-vote lead in the Senate race, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. The attorneys called the rulings a "legal quagmire" and said the "fatal inconsistency... More »

Coleman Now Seeks Total Recount

Wants absentee ballots reconsidered

(Newser) - Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman is abruptly reversing strategy in his court action challenging the results of the US Senate race he narrowly lost to Al Franken, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Coleman now wants all 12,000 absentee ballots rejected during the recount to be reconsidered—the same ballots... More »

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