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Fake Street Signs Mock Minneapolis Police

Someone put up at least 2

(Newser) - The fatal shooting of an Australian woman by a Minneapolis police officer has sparked the posting of at least two fake street signs warning people of "easily startled" officers. The Star Tribune reports that the signs were spotted this weekend, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul. The... More »

Sign Thieves May Ruin Katie Crotch Road for Everyone

'You would think every dorm room in the state of Maine should have one by now'

(Newser) - A Maine town that spends hundreds of dollars annually to replace stolen street signs is again asking residents to consider renaming one of the frequent targets: Katie Crotch Road, the AP reports. According to the Morning Sentinel , a referendum to rename Katie Crotch Road to Cadie Road is being considered... More »

NZ Prostitutes Destroying Street Signs...

With pole dances

(Newser) - It seems that New Zealand's working girls have taken to attracting new customers in a rather creative way: by performing pole dances in the street, using traffic signs as the poles. The result? More than 40 bent, buckled, or otherwise busted street signs near Auckland in the past year... More »

NYC Spending $27.5M on ... New Street Sign Font

Upper- and lower-case letters are apparently more readable

(Newser) - New York City is spending a whopping $27.5 million on ... wait for it ... a new street font. Its 250,000 signs will be replaced at $110 a pop within the next eight years, changing MADISON AVE. to Madison Ave. The city is doing it because the feds are requiring... More »

Obama Gets His Own Street

Chicago community first to name road after president

(Newser) - Calumet Park, a predominantly black neighborhood in Chicago, has voted to rename one of its streets “Obama Drive,” with new street signs scheduled to be posted Aug. 21, Chicago Breaking News reports. “We want to stamp his name” on the community, which Obama represented as state senator,... More »

Bush Street Gets Overnight 'Update' in SF

Pranksters in notoriously liberal city rename thoroughfare, if only temporarily

(Newser) - Partisan pranksters struck San Francisco overnight, covering four blocks of signs on the city’s Bush Street with “Obama Street” signs, NBC affiliate KNTV reports. The covers look professional, and chalk messages on the pavement encourage pedestrians to look up and notice the “change.” A rally is... More »

6 Stories