I Love You Phillip Morris

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25 Actors Who Should Snag an Oscar, but Won't

These unconventional roles are still great performances

(Newser) - It’s easy enough to predict who will snag an Oscar—but more interesting are the unconventional performances that are just as good, but will never be so honored. In New York , Bilge Ebiri and Logan Hill list this year’s 25 best, most likely to be overlooked, performances:
  • Chloe
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Carrey at His Manic Best (or Worst) in Phillip Morris

True story of gay con-man highly divisive

(Newser) - Some critics are head-over-heels for I Love You Phillip Morris; others feel quite the opposite about the film, in which Jim Carrey plays a gay conman. (It's currently favored by 76% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes, though audiences give it a lesser 55%.)
  • At the New York Times , Stephen
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What to See From Sundance

Film festival spawns potential hits

(Newser) - This year’s indie love-fest Sundance spawned several movies that have a shot at real commercial success, with a roster of films showcasing “more old-fashioned storytelling,” writes Andrew O’Hehir in Salon. Jury prizes went to Push and We Live in Public, but here’s a sampling of... More »

Carrey Gambles on Gay Jailbird Role

Ventures outside comedy, like I Love You Phillip Morris , haven't been big at box office

(Newser) - Jim Carrey is getting rave reviews for his new film, I Love You Phillip Morris, but the story of a cop-turned-con man who repeatedly breaks out of jail to be with his former cellmate is a gamble for the actor, Reuters reports. “I don’t think it’s a... More »

4 Stories