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Adopt a Mutt Instead of Buying a Purebred

Opinion: The obsession with selective breeding is 'narcissistic'

(Newser) - Betsy Karasik used to own a pair of pedigreed Maine coon cats, and while she liked them just fine, "I now look at that phase of my life much as a vegetarian might look back on eating veal: an ethical misstep that was the product of ignorance," she... More »

Mutts Finally Break Into Dog Shows

They're allowed to compete in 'skill-based' events, but not beauty contests

(Newser) - The purebred Labradors, spaniels and collies of the dog-show world have a new rival: mutts. The American Kennel Club has changed its rules after 125 years to allow mixed breeds to compete in some events for the first time ever. At a dog show in Virginia this weekend, Otis, the... More »

Bo's 'Rescue' Has Animal Groups Growling

(Newser) - Did President Obama fulfill his pledge to adopt a shelter pooch by taking in a pricey purebred that had been returned to its breeders? That’s a question being hotly debated among animal-rescue groups, the Hill reports. The Humane Society, which got a donation from Obama when he decided to... More »

Lab Is Top US Dog, 18 Years and Counting

Yorkshire terrier is second; bulldog now at No. 8 and gaining fast

(Newser) - The Obamas’ pup could change things, but for now the playful Labrador retriever remains America’s most popular purebred, the American Kennel Club calculates. It's the Lab’s 18th consecutive year as king; the Yorkshire terrier and German shepherd are second and third, Reuters reports. Bulldogs moved up two spots,... More »

4 Stories