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All Eyes on Irma: Who's Keeping Tabs

What you need to know to stay in the know

(Newser) - Expect Hurricane Irma to dominate the news cycle over the next few days—meaning it may be difficult to sort through the deluge to find the specific, accurate info you need. The New York Times notes that the proliferation of news, especially on social media, can offer "misleading ... individual... More »

Weather Forecasts Come to Google Maps

Critics not impressed by 'weather layer'

(Newser) - Google Maps has got a treat for weather nerds: The service has added a "weather layer" showing weather conditions and cloud cover around the world, using data provided by the Weather Channel's and the US Naval Research Laboratory, reports PC World . "To add the weather... More »

UN: '00s Warmest Decade Ever

Weather agency says 2009 among the five warmest years

(Newser) - This decade is very likely to be the warmest ever recorded, with 2009 ranking among the top-five warmest years, the UN’s meteorological agency told the Copenhagen climate conference today. Since records began in 1850, the warmest years have been 2005, 1998, 2007 and 2006. The current year is set... More »

World's Rivers Running Low: Study

(Newser) - The world’s rivers are drying up as climate change worsens and the demand for water increases, the BBC reports. Researchers studying 925 major waterways—from the Ganges to the Colorado—found significantly less fresh water flowing into oceans in 2004 than 50 years earlier. If the trend continues, the... More »

All of Antarctic Is Heating Up, Study Says

Finding debunks perceived cooling in most of continent

(Newser) - Antarctica is warming up after all, scientists say. New research contradicts previous findings that parts of the continent were actually cooling and thus giving ammunition to skeptics of global warming, reports National Geographic. The new study in Nature uses satellite information to fill in spotty weather station data over the... More »

5 Stories