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Jumanji Tops the Charts Again With $20M

It's the third week in a row for the family adventure film

(Newser) - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle outdid another weekend's worth of newcomers to top the North American box office for the third straight weekend, making the surprise hit the fifth-highest grossing film of all time for Sony Pictures. Jumanji sold $20 million in tickets, according to studio estimates Sunday, bringing... More »

'No Misconduct' Found by Bachelor in Paradise Probe

Reality series will resume filming

(Newser) - Bachelor in Paradise has survived its big scandal. Following allegations of sexual misconduct, the show was suspended and rumored to be done for good . But Warner Bros. Television, which produces the reality show, announced Tuesday that it has completed an investigation—with the help of an outside law firm—and... More »

Veronica Mars' Release Takes Novel Approach for Hollywood

Warner Bros. will make it available for home viewers on same day as opening

(Newser) - Veronica Mars already set a Hollywood precedent by turning to Kickstarter for a successful fundraising campaign. Now it will set another on its release date of March 14, reports the Wall Street Journal . Warner Bros. will make the movie available online and for video-on-demand services the same day it opens... More »

Weinsteins Sue Warner Bros Over 3-Part Hobbit Film

They say it was a plot to deprive them of money

(Newser) - If you thought you were annoyed when you heard Warner Bros. was turning a 300-page children's book into three epic movies, well, you're probably not quite as annoyed as the Weinstein brothers. In fact, Bob and Harvey are suing Warner over the decision to make three Hobbit movies,... More »

Erased From Netflix: 1.8K Classic Films

If you were planning to get a 'Goldfinger' fix ... sorry

(Newser) - Bad news: You've lost your chance to watch 1,794 classic movies on Netflix streaming, PC Mag reports. The films (from the likes of Warner Bros., MGM, etc.) that disappeared at midnight include James Bond flicks, at least one Abbot & Costello picture, and movies by Robert Altman,... More »

Mel Gibson: I Don't Have a Jewish Problem

His camp tells TMZ he has no anti-Semitic leanings

(Newser) - So why would Mel Gibson decide to produce a movie about a famed Jewish warrior given his, er, Jewish problem? Easy, explains TMZ . Gibson doesn't think he has a Jewish problem. It quotes sources "very close" to Gibson as insisting that he doesn't hate Jews and that,... More »

Tyson Tattoo Suit Won't Delay Hangover II

But Warner Bros will likely owe the artist a few bucks

(Newser) - Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist won't stop this weekend's release of Hangover II, notes the Hollywood Reporter . S. Victor Whitmill has sued for copyright infringement because one of the characters ends up with same tattoo Whitmill designed for the boxer. But a federal judge has ruled that it'... More »

Ashton Kutcher May Get $1M Per Episode

But base pay is less than Charlie Sheen's for Two and a Half Men

(Newser) - Ashton Kutcher is indeed Charlie Sheen's replacement on Two and a Half Men, both he and Warner Bros confirmed today, reports PopEater . And he will become a rich man—OK, richer man—for his efforts: TMZ says his base pay will be between $625,000 and $900,000 per... More »

CBS Honcho Wants Sheen Back Now

Les Moonves pushing for star's return, says Radar

(Newser) - In spite of all his tiger blood-fueled antics and misdemeanors, rumor has it that CBS wants Charlie Sheen back on Two and a Half Men. CBS head honcho Les Moonves has expressed said desire to Warner Bros. Television, the company that produces the show, a "well-placed insider" tells Radar... More »

Sheen Sues Lorre, WB for $100M

Suit claims Lorre made Sheen a 'scapegoat'

(Newser) - Hell hath no fury like Charlie Sheen scorned —he's suing Warner Bros. and his arch-nemesis Chuck Lorre for the amount he and the crew would've made on the eight episodes of Two and a Half Men that had yet to be made—a whopping $100 million, TMZ reports. The... More »

New to Facebook: Movie Rentals

Warner Bros service launches with Dark Knight

(Newser) - Look out Netflix? Warner Bros. has decided to test out a movie rental service on Facebook, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Anyone who "likes" The Dark Knight will be able to spend 30 Facebook credits, meaning $3, to stream the movie to their computer, where it'll be viewable for... More »

Charlie Sheen Offers to Pay Crew While at Rehab

... if CBS and Warner Bros. also chip in

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's in rehab , and that means the crew of Two and a Half Men isn't working—so Sheen has offered to pay a third of their salaries until he's back, reports TMZ . He'll do so if CBS and Warner Bros. chip in the rest. It's a move that echoes... More »

Thousands Protest to Keep Hobbit in New Zealand

Rally timed to coincide with Warner Bros. visit

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters took to the streets across New Zealand today to protest Warner Bros.’ threats to move the filming of the Hobbit out of the country. Rallies were held in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch among others, according to the BBC , with protesters holding signs like, “New Zealand... More »

Mother Sues Tyra Banks Over Daughter's Appearance

Girl, 15, went on sex addict show

(Newser) - Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be ... 15-year-old girls who go on Tyra Banks' show to proclaim before the world that they're sex addicts. A Georgia woman is suing Banks for $3 million, claiming her daughter made the appearance without her permission and that the show last year... More »

Anderson Cooper Gets Daytime Talk Show

But he'll keep his nightly show on CNN

(Newser) - Maybe Anderson Cooper can fill Oprah's void in daytime TV? The CNN anchor is getting his own daytime talk show next fall. (No name yet.) It will be distributed by Warner Bros.—parent company Time Warner also owns CNN—and syndicated nationally. Plenty of slots should be available... More »

Media Moguls: Obama's Scaring Big Business

Sun Valley conference a pessimistic affair

(Newser) - The Sun Valley summit of media titans last week was a dour affair, with the CEOs lamenting the poor state of the economy—and how little faith they have in the Obama administration to fix it. In on- and off-the-record conversations with the moguls, Peter Lauria of the Daily Beast... More »

King Near Movie, TV Deal for Dark Tower

Ron Howard attached as direct

(Newser) - Roland Deschain may soon be gunslinging his way onto screens big and small. Stephen King is in talks to turn his Dark Tower books into a TV series and a movie trilogy directed by Ron Howard, Deadline New York reports. Both Universal's Imagine Entertainment and Warner Bros.' Weed Road... More »

Drunk Crew Leaves Harry Potter Script in Bar

Deathly Hollows makes big changes from the book

(Newser) - The world came this close to getting an early look at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows script: A copy was found abandoned under a table in the pub that the film's crew did some serious drinking at on Thursday night. But the eagle-eyed individual who found the script... More »

Batman Savior Flies to Rescue of Superman Movie

'Dark Knight' director Christopher Nolan is called in

(Newser) - Warner Bros. has hired Dark Knight impresario Christopher Nolan to be the “godfather” of its next Superman movie. Nolan probably won’t direct, but he will guide the film through development, insiders tell Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood . The studio doesn’t know much about the film, but one... More »

Wild Things Runs Rampant

Law Abiding Citizen also enjoys strong opening weekend

(Newser) - Where the Wild Things Are ran wild at the weekend box office, exceeding expectations by doing $32.5 million worth of business. Spike Jonze's first foray into children's cinema earned the director his strongest opening weekend ever. "I can't imagine too many people who could do what Spike did,... More »

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