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'Slob' Mocked for Shaving on Train: 'My Life Is All Screwed Up'

Anthony Torres, caught in viral video, says he was trying to clean up after stay in a homeless shelter

(Newser) - A man mocked online after being recorded shaving at his seat on a NYC commuter train says he was just trying to clean up after days in a homeless shelter. Anthony Torres, 56, tells the AP that people judging him on social media don't appreciate his struggles. "My... More »

New Report on America's Homeless Is Bleak

Things are getting worse, not better

(Newser) - The nation's homeless population increased this year for the first time since 2010, driven by a surge in the number of people living on the streets in Los Angeles and other West Coast cities. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development released its annual Point-in-Time count Wednesday, a... More »

Amazon Is Putting a Homeless Shelter in Its New HQ

The move is being called the company's 'biggest philanthropic venture to date'

(Newser) - Amazon has announced what the Seattle Times is calling its "biggest philanthropic venture to date." Inside an office building at its new Seattle headquarters will be 47,000 square feet of space dedicated to a homeless shelter known as Mary's Place. Since April 2016, Amazon has allowed... More »

Squatters Turn $19M London Home Into Homeless Shelter

The nearly 200-year-old home was bought by a Russian oligarch in 2014

(Newser) - A group of squatters has seized an empty property on one of Britain's "most expensive and exclusive streets" and turned it into a homeless shelter, the Telegraph reports. According to the Guardian , the five-story, $19 million home was purchased by a Russian oligarch in 2014 but is believed... More »

Man Who Walked 11.5K Miles to Help Homeless Comes Home

Leroy Bailey says he raised enough money over 29 months to start building shelter in Va. Beach

(Newser) - For more than two years, Leroy Bailey has been hoofing it around the US to raise money for hope—and on Saturday, he finally made it home. The 54-year-old contractor has been on the road for the past 29 months—he took leave of his Virginia Beach home in June... More »

Why Full-Time City Workers Are Homeless

Angelo Torres sleeps in a truck, works for New York City

(Newser) - Angelo Torres makes $33,662 a year cleaning up trash on a beach at Staten Island. Georgie Grier pulls in $33,600 as a New York City sanitation enforcement agent. Similar jobs, similar pay, same problem: They're among more than 300 full-time workers in the city who are homeless,... More »

NYC Homeless Shelters Rife With Rats, Rot

Report outlines deplorable conditions in system that houses 12K families

(Newser) - One family of six was living in a homeless-shelter apartment where a dead rat festered on the floor for two days. Another had been without electricity for days. Urine soiled the floor of the only working elevator at yet another. All those buildings were part of a system that costs... More »

To Ease Homelessness, Portland Eyes Micro-Homes

One design costs $20K—just over annual cost of an emergency shelter room

(Newser) - It isn't cheap for Portland, Ore., to house its sizable homeless population. An emergency shelter room costs $16,000 a year and lacks basic plumbing, and there aren't enough rooms to prevent 2,000 people from setting up shelters under bridges, on sidewalks, and in abandoned lots throughout... More »

Married Cops Busted in Shooting of Daughter's Beau

Ohio couple had kicked her out of their house a week earlier

(Newser) - Married police officers in Tulsa, Okla., are in jail after the husband allegedly shot and killed their daughter's boyfriend. Shannon Kepler turned himself in not long after the shooting and was arrested on charges of first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill, while his wife, Gina Kepler, was... More »

Low-Income Tenants Evicted to House Homeless

In NYC, apartments earn more as homeless shelters than as private rentals

(Newser) - Here's a head-scratcher. New York City's homeless shelters are full. So to find more space for the city's homeless, the city has been renting apartments in low-income neighborhoods. Only the city pays above market rate, which means the actual tenants of these apartments are being pushed out,... More »

Killer 'Inspired by Saw Film' Gets 30 Years

Homeless man knifed victim 17 times: judge

(Newser) - Can Hollywood share the blame for this one? A judge in Britain sentenced a homeless man to at least 30 years yesterday for perpetrating a grisly killing inspired by Saw VI, the Daily Mail reports. The court found that Matthew Tinling, 25, knifed his victim 17 times and tried to... More »

21K NYC Kids Spent January in Homeless Shelter

Crisis at its worst since Great Depression: advocate

(Newser) - As the sheer number of homeless people grows in cities like New York, the shape of the problem is changing: More of America's homeless are now families, the Wall Street Journal reports. On a national scale, their numbers grew 1.4% between 2011 and 2012, while individual cities also... More »

Hawaii Buys Homeless Plane Tickets to Mainland

Homeless population up 15% in year

(Newser) - The sound of waves crashing, spectacular views, white sand between your toes: Such is life for the hundreds of homeless flocking to Hawaii's shores, where the medical and dental care is free, and hey, you're not under a bridge in Detroit in January. With the homeless population up 15% over... More »

Missing Man Sees Self on TV, Solves Case

60-year-old at homeless shelter recognizes photo

(Newser) - A Colorado missing-persons case has wrapped up neatly after a 60-year-old man recognized his photo during a TV announcement. Marvin Allen Fry had wandered out of a hospital and ended up at a homeless shelter for about a week until he saw the announcement about himself and alerted shelter personnel,... More »

Abuse Victim Fights for Homeless Sex Offenders

Woman, father were behind ordinances that forced abusers under bridge

(Newser) - The homeless sex offenders who live under Miami’s infamous Julia Tuttle Causeway aren't quick to thank two of their most diligent advocates for working on their behalf. “They know who we are, and don’t like us very much,” says Lauren Book-Lim. Book-Lim was sexually abused by... More »

Chef Brings Gourmet Food to Homeless

Rising culinary star left posh restaurant for rescue mission

(Newser) - At California’s Bay Area Rescue Mission, the homeless dine on grilled artichokes with garlic sherry vinaigrette or vegetable soup with creme fraiche, thanks to the culinary talents of Tim Hammack. The chef left a renowned French bistro to cook at the rescue mission. “I was cooking for very... More »

Cities Prop Up Homeless Camps

Squeezed shelters, recession prompt local government tolerance

(Newser) - With room tight in homeless shelters, municipalities across the US are allowing tent cities to stand—after years spent breaking up homeless clusters, the Wall Street Journal reports. In some areas, the encampments are even supplied with basic services like portable toilets and medical care. “There is no place... More »

NYC Buys Homeless Tickets Out of Town

(Newser) - New York City has quietly taken a new approach to combat homelessness—since 2007, the Bloomberg administration has bought more than 550 families one-way tickets out of town. Social workers help the homeless to find relatives who may take them in, and some have been flown as far as France... More »

10 Tips for Homeless Survival

(Newser) - Millions of Americans had lost their homes long before subprime crisis plunged the nation into economic peril. Recognizing the plight of the homeless, The Nation offers 10 tips for street survival:
  • Try to relieve passersby of their misconceptions without internalizing their cruel remarks. "Let go of your pride—but
... More »

'Defiant' Nun Arrested After Cop Showdown

Sister got between police officer and man with an ice pick

(Newser) - A Miami nun has been arrested after getting in the middle of a confrontation between a police officer and a homeless man wielding an ice pick, WPLG 10 reports. The man had been causing a disturbance outside the shelter where Sister Margaret Anthony works, and when police tried to defuse... More »

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