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Apple Slashes iPod Prices, Hinting at New Model

New price structure points to unveiling of new model today

(Newser) - Apple’s online store today briefly flashed new, lower prices for the company’s current slate of iPods, a likely indication that a new model will be unveiled at today’s invite-only event, the Wall Street Journal reports. The site was then down for a period for updating. The 16-gig... More »

Why the Kindle Stinks

(Newser) - Nicholson Baker wanted to like the Kindle, honest. But when he unwrapped it and began to see what all the fuss was about, he "tussled with a sense of anti-climax," the prolific author writes in the New Yorker. Things never improved. He slams the e-reader for having a... More »

Jamming to the iPod Is Making Us Deaf

A generation of adults will suffer hearing loss well ahead of its time

(Newser) - The popularity of iPods and similar devices may leave a generation of adults with impaired hearing decades ahead of their time, the Boston Globe reports. Sensory cells in the ear can only take so much bombardment, and frequent, pulsing music causes irreparable damage. New research also shows that boys often... More »

Elton Blings Out iPod for AIDS

Star sells limited-edition Nanos to raise money

(Newser) - For a mere $568, you can own Elton John’s blinged-out iPod Nano—and even better, your money will be donated to a good cause, the Sun reports. Sir Elton has designed an iPod bejeweled with more than 250 Swarovski crystals and loaded with the star’s greatest hits. A... More »

Apple Harvests Record Profit

Holiday iPod sales surge defies Wall Street

(Newser) - A late surge in holiday iPod sales boosted Apple quarterly revenue and profits to a record high, reports the Los Angeles Times. Wall Street analysts had predicted a slump of up to 18% in Apple sales, but despite the recession, the company is reporting $1.61 billion in profits on... More »

5 Stories