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Trump's Kids Got Lewandowski Fired

Seems Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka were done with him

(Newser) - Donald Trump may have done the firing, but his adult children apparently led the charge. A senior Trump staffer tells New York that Trump's kids—Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka—launched the coup that resulted in Corey Lewandowski, Trump's campaign manager, getting the ax Monday morning . "Things... More »

Would-Be Mayor Defends Infamous Nazi War Criminal

Adolf Eichmann's daughter-in-law thinks he wasn't such a bad guy

(Newser) - "I want to assure the public that I don’t and never did support the Nazis" is a clarification you should never find yourself needing to make during a political campaign. Unfortunately, it's the exact statement Argentinian mayoral candidate Carmen Bretin Lindemann was forced to issue Thursday after... More »

Campaigns Are a Terrible Way to Pick Our President

Why not treat election as a job interview, writes John Dickerson

(Newser) - Our founding fathers would have been horrified had we asked them to actually campaign for the office of the president, writes John Dickerson in Slate . Campaigning was seen—as Woodrow Wilson put it—as "a great interruption to the rational consideration of public questions." Not so anymore: Today'... More »

Occupy's New Target: Iowa Campaign Offices

Planned protest would run up to the Jan. 3 caucuses

(Newser) - Occupy Des Moines activists are planning to camp out at and "shut down" campaign offices in the week leading up to the Iowa caucuses, and they have invited protesters from around the country to join them. One organizer described the plan, dubbed the "First in the Nation Caucus... More »

Shadow Campaigns Taking Over GOP

Supreme Court allowed groups to spend freely

(Newser) - Conservative groups operating outside the public eye are carrying much of the water for Republican campaigns, the New York Times reports. Thanks to a Supreme Court decision that uncaps contribution limits, right-wing organizations like Americans for Prosperity and Karl Rove's American Crossroads are spending hundreds of millions of dollars—... More »

Haley Barbour Takes Heat for Posh Jet Trips

State shells out as governor 'mixes business with pleasure'

(Newser) - Haley Barbour jets around on a classy Mississippi state jet—but not all the governor’s trips look like state business, Politico finds. He also uses the 12-seater Cessna, funded largely by tax dollars, to attend fundraisers for other Republicans, to appear on Meet the Press and Face the Nation ... More »

To Save Dems, Obama Needs More Coherent Message

EJ Dionne: GOP has short, sweet theme on economy, and it's working

(Newser) - The Republicans are coasting through this election season on a platform of just a few words: “Spending, taxes, jobs, economy, deficit, debt,” as one party leader has it. As we near Nov. 2, the Democrats still don’t have anything like that coherent message, writes EJ Dionne in... More »

You'd Have to Be Crazy to Want to Run for Office

That's why we've got such dopey candidates

(Newser) - Here’s the state of politics today: In Connecticut, we have a guy who lied about serving in Vietnam running against a woman who used to run the WWE. America has, in short, a total dearth of “convincing or even plausible candidates,” and it’s easy to figure... More »

10 Failed Celeb Political Bids

Wyclef Jean will be in good company if he loses

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti , but already things aren’t going well for the controversy-plagued singer. If he loses, he won’t be the first celebrity to suffer a failed political campaign: Time lists 10 others:
  • Norman Mailer: Despite being a literary giant, the Pulitzer Prize- and
... More »

Pols Use Dubious TV Gigs to Prep for Elections

Politician-analysts get paid, get exposure, but ethics are murky

(Newser) - In a trend that crosses party and network lines while raising a bevy of ethical questions, potential candidates for elected office are finding easy employment as cable news analysts. Fox News leads the pack, with three former office holders widely seen as possible future candidates: Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and... More »

Schumer: Campaign Ruling 'Undermines Democracy'

Democrats, good-government groups blast Supreme Court decision

(Newser) - Democrats and campaign reformers alike are railing against today’s Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to use their money how they please in the political arena. “This decision allows Wall Street to tap its vast corporate profits to drown out the voice of the public in our democracy,”... More »

Bill Had Long-Term Affair During Hillary's Campaign

Her 'war room' feared disclosure at any time

(Newser) - Harry Reid's comment about candidate Obama not having a "Negro dialect" is grabbing the headlines today, but an upcoming book on the 2008 election has other salacious tidbits. Marc Ambinder got an advance copy of Game Change and has highlights at the Atlantic :
  • Bill Clinton was involved in a
... More »

Obama Surge Dicey for Campaigning Dems

Liberal base could make life hard for incumbents, and others

(Newser) - President Obama’s decision on the Afghan troop surge is throwing a big monkey wrench into the campaigns of some Democrats, who must now walk the line between an exasperated liberal base and the approval of the White House. Support for the surge is being wielded like a cudgel by... More »

By the People Has Access, Little Else

Critics split on virtues of Obama doc with little dish

(Newser) - Critics agree the HBO's By the People, a record of the Obama campaign produced by Edward Norton, offers behind-the-scenes access but no real scoops. But what some see as a heartwarming tale of triumph, others find fawning. A sampling:
  • The naivete of the filmmakers shows through for Hank Stuever . "
... More »

NYC Pol Highlights Interracial Marriage—and Wins

One historian sees it as a 'post-Obama' moment

(Newser) - Bill de Blasio's victory in the Democratic primary to be New York City's public advocate is a knock at the door of another racial hurdle. De Blasio’s wife is black, and his children interracial, a fact made clear in campaign ads and mailings. "For so long in American... More »

GOP Gov Candidates Shun Palin as Polarizing

She's too much herself to do anything but harm in NJ, Virginia

(Newser) - Tough-fought GOP gubernatorial campaigns in New Jersey and Virginia have politely declined Sarah Palin’s offer of help. The political calculus is simple in New Jersey, where President Obama won by 15 points last November. The campaign is “not about the 2012 presidential race,” a Chris Christie adviser... More »

Barack Flirts Earned Wrath of Michelle

Obama didn't like women—like Vera Baker—throwing themselves at her husband

(Newser) - The latest tidbit from Christopher Andersen’s Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage, out today, reveals the punishment Michelle Obama meted out for women who “pushed their bodies up against his, slipped phone numbers into his pockets,” and grabbed his butt, the New York Post reports.... More »

NYC's Naked Cowboy to Run for Mayor

(Newser) - Robert Burck, the “Naked Cowboy” who strolls New York’s Times Square, is planning a run for mayor there, WABC-TV reports. The guitar slinger in underpants will challenge Mayor Michael Bloomberg by “bringing transparency to a whole new level.” Burck says he’ll also run on his... More »

This Time, Iraq Gets Politics With Its Elections

Stability gives candidates chance to compete more in Western democratic style

(Newser) - If Iraq’s tumultuous 2005 elections were a trial run at democracy, the current provincial race has main-event flavor, the Washington Post reports. Greater stability has allowed town-hall gatherings, where voters grill some 14,000 candidates running for 440 seats on everything from housing to militarization. And campaign posters, T-shirts... More »

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