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'Mild Panic' Over What's Missing From New White House Site

Climate change and LGBT rights are conspicuously absent

(Newser) - WhiteHouse.gov is the official website of the president, and the minute President Trump replaced President Obama on Friday, the website underwent a major change, the BBC reports. Pages regarding climate change, LGBT rights, and science policies were deleted, creating a "mild panic" online. According to the Daily... More »

Obama Writes Himself Into Presidents' Bios

White House slips its accomplishments into bios, conservatives guffaw

(Newser) - History is written by the winners, and in this case by the winner of the 2008 presidential election: Take a gander at almost any presidential biography on WhiteHouse.gov from Calvin Coolidge on up, and you'll find a "Did You Know?" section that somehow, some way, links their... More »

Obama's New Payroll Tax Pitch: What's $40 to You?

John Boehner, meanwhile, asks Obama to intercede

(Newser) - The White House launched a PR campaign to try to save the floundering payroll tax cut extension last night, asking supporters to chime in with what $40 meant to them—since that’s how much the average family stands to lose per paycheck if the extension doesn’t pass, CNN... More »

Obama Holds Online Town Hall

(Newser) - President Obama held a unique “online town-hall” today, answering questions submitted and voted on at WhiteHouse.gov. An aide acted as a moderator, calling it a “new experiment in getting questions from outside Washington.” The questions ran the gamut from education to the economy to health care,... More »

30K Post Questions for Obama's Web 'Fireside Chat'

Prez to answer most popular at 11:30am

(Newser) - President Obama launches his online “fireside chat” today at 11:30am EST, answering questions from among the tens of thousands posted directly to the White House website, CNN reports. Some 70,000 questions had been posted by early this morning, the AP reports. More than a million votes have... More »

Prez to Answer Questions Online Tomorrow

Obama to host first 'e-town hall' meeting since taking office

(Newser) - Barack Obama will host his first online town hall meeting as president tomorrow, the Atlantic reports. The White House "community-moderated online town hall" website invites Americans to submit questions on the economy and vote on other participants’ entries. The president will answer from among those voted most popular. More »

Obama's Staff Finds High Office Means Low Tech

'Kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari,' one says of White House's rigid apparatus

(Newser) - Tech-savvy Obama staffers had a rude awakening on their first day at the White House, saddled with disconnected phone lines, limited Internet access, and 6-year-old PCs, the Washington Post reports. “It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari,” a spokesman said of the disconnect... More »

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