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Docs to Obama: Enough With the Burgers, Dogs

Physicians group wants president to stop unhealthy photo ops

(Newser) - Part of being president is being photographed chowing down on burgers and hot dogs, but a group of DC doctors thinks President Obama needs to put a stop to the practice. “The White House would never set up a photo op of a president with a cigarette, so why... More »

Don't Eat Baby Animals ... They Just Don't Taste Good

A veal-scarfing food writer offers an odd argument for passing on piglets

(Newser) - Josh Ozersky is a James Beard award-winning food writer, but he's no morality cop: In an essay for Time , he admits to eating our planet's wee creatures: "veal cutlets, suckling pigs, spring lambs, game hens." And he has come to terms with that. But he does... More »

Only Rich Will Eat Beef in 2050

Production costs could make it the 'caviar of the future'

(Newser) - You might want to have a hamburger while you can—beef is likely to become as pricey and exclusive as caviar over the next 40 years, predicts a UN agriculture expert. The production costs of raising cows, especially for water, are just too high to accommodate inexorable rises in world... More »

Vegetarian Butchers Plug 'Clean' Meat

(Newser) - Former vegetarians are opening butcher shops and revolutionizing the US meat industry, educating buyers about humanely grown cattle on small farms, Gourmet reports. Their squeamish attitude toward steak—inspired by horror stories of mass-market meat production—is making them the most trustworthy sellers. “When we opened the butcher shop,... More »

Eating Red Meat Daily Raises Death Risk: Study

Experts say cutting red meat consumption could save many lives

(Newser) - Daily consumption of red meat has been linked to higher mortality rates in the most comprehensive study on the subject ever made, the Washington Post reports. Researchers studied more than 500,000 middle-aged and elderly Americans and found that those who consumed 4 ounces of red meat a day were... More »

Being Vegetarian Doesn't Make You Better in Bed

PETA's banned ad is misleading

(Newser) - The idea makes for one steamy ad campaign, but vegetarians don’t necessarily have better sex, Nina Shen Rastogi writes for Slate. PETA’s claim that meat makes people “fat, sick, and boring in bed” is a little misleading—the research is based on people who ate low-fat, low-cholesterol... More »

Meat Warning Wurst News for Germans

Germans told to cut meat consumption for sake of the planet

(Newser) - Bratwurst-loving Germans have been told they must eat less meat for the health of the planet, reports the Guardian. The government's adviser on the environment is urging Germans to return to habits decades ago when meat was eaten only on Sundays and special occasions. Germans now eat far more meat... More »

7 Stories