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White House Wants Sweeping Preschool Overhaul

Critics cite costs, logistics, but educators say better pre-K needed

(Newser) - The Obama administration is outlining the "federal-state partnership" it wants to use to widen preschool programs, emphasizing small class sizes and rigorous curricula in its outreach to 4-year-olds in low- and moderate income households, reports the Wall Street Journal . The outline expands on President Obama's State of the... More »

Tot Beats Tot at Nursery School

Accused attacker, 2, is 'too young for criminal responsibility,' say Brit cops

(Newser) - A 2-year-old girl apparently viciously beat another toddler at a British pre-school, leaving the victim bruised and cut, reports the BBC . The 3-year-old victim "had gashes to her lips and a terrible black eye," her mom told the Daily Mail . " Katie looked like she had been in... More »

Brit Cops Watch Nurseries for Baby Jihadists

Police urge community groups to report suspicious kids

(Newser) - Counter-terrorism police have visited British nursery schools in a bid to identify radicalized toddlers. "Radicalization can take place from the age of 4," reads a letter from police urging community groups to report any developing jihadists in their midsts. The Shadow Home Secretary condemned the policy, saying it... More »

Brit Nursery Schools Ban Cuddlies on Swine Flu Fears

(Newser) - Teddy bears have been given their marching orders from British nursery schools and day care centers as the government seeks to stop the spread of swine flu, the Guardian reports. New guidelines say soft toys should be removed since they are hard to clean properly, and the sharing of pencils... More »

Mob Attacks Teacher in Baby Porn Case

(Newser) - Shouting parents pounded on and hurled bottles at a van carrying a British daycare teacher charged with distributing child porn, reports the Guardian. Photos found in Vanessa George's home showed children as young as infants being sexually assaulted, according to law enforcement authorities. Parents lined up for hours to confront... More »

Brit Nursery Teacher Busted in Pedophile Internet Ring

Cops found photos of naked kids in her home

(Newser) - A British daycare teacher has been busted for suspected involvement in an Internet pedophile ring after photos of naked children were found in her home, reports the Telegraph. A police spokesman said the pictures were "at the top end of the scale." Officials are attempting to identify the... More »

3 Dead in Belgian Nursery School Attack

Attacker in face paint injures 20; children evacuated

(Newser) - An unknown man wielding a knife at a Belgian nursery school killed at least 2 children and one adult today, the BBC reports. A dozen or more were said to be injured in the attack northwest of Brussels. The attacker, wearing black-and-white face paint, fled by bicycle, says the Times... More »

7 Stories