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2 Big Studios, No Women Directors Through 2018

That's 47 male-directed movies

(Newser) - Nearly 50 movies from two major studios are slated to come out through 2018—and there's not a female director to be found among them, according to a tally by the Wrap . It found Paramount is set to release 25 films, while 20th Century Fox will debut 22 (that... More »

EU Goes After 6 Hollywood Studios

Disney, Paramount, 4 other studios accused of blocking Sky in antitrust filing

(Newser) - The European Union has launched an antitrust case against six major US movie studios, including Disney and Warner Bros, and British satellite broadcaster Sky UK for restricting access across the 28-country bloc. In a statement today, the executive Commission, which assesses antitrust matters for the EU, said it has sent... More »

To Beat Studio Rules, Netflix, Redbox Head to ... Walmart?

They buy discs at retail prices

(Newser) - Disney is squabbling with Netflix and Redbox over the DVD of sci-fi flick John Carter, and the feud reflects the intensifying battle for revenue between studios and rental companies, reports the Los Angeles Times . Disney recently cut off DVD sales to such rental providers until 28 days after discs go... More »

Terror Patrols Beefed Up at Hollywood Studios

LA County cops warn public to be on high alert

(Newser) - Police have stepped up patrols at entertainment studios in the Los Angeles area following the weekend's attempted car bombing in Times Square. Law enforcement officials say that while they aren't aware of any new threats, they are remaining vigilant at sites linked to Comedy Central owners Viacom, which some suspect... More »

Studios, YouTube Talk Movie Rentals

(Newser) - YouTube is in talks with big Hollywood studios about making movies available for rent on the popular video-sharing site, the Wall Street Journal reports—a rare move toward making YouTube users actually pay for content. Lions Gate, Warner Brothers and Sony are among the studios that could make titles available,... More »

Studios Fight Theaters on Cost of 3-D Glasses

Shades can cost $10m for popular film

(Newser) - With 50 3-D films due out within two years, studios and theaters are squabbling over who should pay for the requisite glasses. At $1 per moviegoer, 3-D glasses can tack on $10 million to production costs, the Chicago Tribune reports. Movie execs and theaters split a $2 to $3 ticket... More »

Hollywood Trims Star Deals

It's curtains for deals that pay actors before studios recoup losses

(Newser) - In this economic climate, even Hollywood has become risk-averse, forcing actors to share in a film’s success or failure, the Wall Street Journal reports. “First-dollar gross” deals, which pay actors handsomely even when films flop, are out of favor. For years, top actors drew deals paying a percentage—... More »

Streaming Sites Thwart Studios' Piracy Crackdowns

Industry fears revenue meltdown as watching pirated video online goes mainstream

(Newser) - The rise of video streaming sites has defeated movie studios' toughest anti-piracy efforts, the New York Times reports. Consumers can watch copyrighted material online—often from sites hosted in countries with slack anti-piracy rules—more easily than ever. The industry estimates "digital theft" now accounts for 40% of... More »

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