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Machu Picchu Grapples With Streaker Crisis

Historic site boosts surveillance

(Newser) - Machu Picchu is the victim of what could, Gawker notes, be a new international trend: naked travel. Peru's ruins are undergoing increased surveillance amid what might be termed a streaking crisis. Two men, a 30-year-old New Zealander and an 18-year-old Australian, were nabbed last year for nudity, the Guardian... More »

Obama Streaker Won't Score $1M, Will Go Rent-Free

Man gets 'consolation prize' for advertising website

(Newser) - The man who stripped to his sneakers and charged through a Philadelphia Obama rally won’t be getting the $1 million he expected—but he won’t have to worry about rent for 6 months, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer . The billionaire who commissioned the public nudity says streaker Juan Rodriguez... More »

Book-Thrower Just Wanted Obama to ... Read His Book

Books are not 'dangerous objects,' says Secret Service

(Newser) - The man who threw a book at President Obama at a rally Sunday was an over-exuberant author, not a security threat, the Secret Service says. The "exuberant' author, who has not been identified, simply wanted the president to read his book, CNN notes. He was questioned and released without... More »

Book Thrown at Obama at Rally, Streaker Busted

Naked man set to collect $1M prize

(Newser) - President Obama sought to recapture the spirit of 2008 at a huge rally in Philadelphia yesterday, though flying books and naked men presumably weren't part of that spirit. Somebody threw a book at the president as he spoke, missing narrowly. Both the book and the thrower remain unidentified, Gawker notes.... More »

'Bored' Man Streaks Naked Through Supermarket

22-year-old 'didn't have anything to do,' he tells cops

(Newser) - A "bored" Tennessee man has been charged with running through a supermarket wearing nothing but a rubber mask. Police found the 22-year-old in the bathroom of a nearby Hardee’s, which he had entered differently attired—“wearing only an orange hoodie”—and asked employees for clothing. One... More »

Singer 'Streaks' Through Dallas in New Video

Erykah Badu's naked romp wasn't staged, she says

(Newser) - Erykah Badu's video for "Window Seat" is all over the net, and it's causing a stir for more than the smooth groove. In the clip, Badu strips down to nothing as she walks down a street in her Dallas hometown, and if the singer's Twitter feed is to be... More »

Man Jogs Naked Near White House

Streaker braves cold, sets off Secret Service scare

(Newser) - The Secret Service found itself on an odd chase yesterday, running down a man who’d stripped naked to jog near the White House. Around rush hour, the man threw off his clothes, leaving them lying in a bag, and set off running, heedless of the 25-degree windchill. “He... More »

'Naked Runway Challenge' in Prince Harry's Future

Harry will streak, William to drink from toilet

(Newser) - Princes William and Harry will engage in some undignified behavior in a bid to earn their “drinking wings” as they train to become helicopter pilots, the Sun reports. As part of the RAF's traditional initiation, William will drink beer out of a toilet, and Harry will run naked across... More »

Streaker Stalls Williams Sisters' Match

Near-naked man on court for 14 seconds

(Newser) - A male streaker burst onto the court for 14 seconds as Venus and Serena Williams played a doubles match today at the Australian Open, Reuters reports. Guards caught the man when he dashed to another court; he was barred from the rest of the tournament. Earlier, an ethnic brawl broke... More »

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