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Report: HHS to 'Disentangle Taxpayers' From Abortions

Mandate would ban federally funded clinics from referrals, sharing space with abortion providers

(Newser) - An announcement expected Friday out of Health and Human Services has abortion rights advocates and doctors' groups steeled for a new battle on the family planning front. Per the AP and New York Times , White House officials and other sources say a Reagan-era ban is about to be rebooted: one... More »

US: No More Funding for UN Population Fund

Group's supposed support of 'coercive abortion' in China cost it: State Dept.

(Newser) - Just days after he took office in January, President Trump put back in place the "Mexico City policy" that keeps federal funds from being funneled to international aid organizations that provide abortions, or even info about them. Now the United States has officially yanked US donations from the United... More »

SCOTUS Not Interested in Planned Parenthood Case

High court rejects NH anti-abortion group's push for docs related to gov't grant

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected an anti-abortion group's bid to force disclosure of confidential Planned Parenthood and federal government records about a contract for family planning services in New Hampshire. The justices on Monday let stand a ruling that allowed the Health and Human Services Department to withhold some... More »

Pope Francis: Big Families Are Good

Softens his comment that Catholics needn't breed 'like rabbits'

(Newser) - Pope Francis praised big families today as a gift from God, after his comments that Catholics don't have to breed "like rabbits" made headlines this week. Francis said numerous children don't cause poverty in the developing world, as some have suggested, and that the real cause of... More »

Pope: There's No Need to Breed 'Like Rabbits'

Catholics have plenty of 'licit' ways to regulate births

(Newser) - After this colorful metaphor , an equally colorful simile from Pope Francis: While the pontiff firmly upholds church teaching banning contraception, he today said that Catholics don't have to breed "like rabbits" and should instead practice "responsible parenting." Speaking to reporters en route home from the Philippines,... More »

Birth Control 'Chip' Could Last 16 Years

And be turned on and off via a remote control

(Newser) - Could it be the holy grail of birth control: one that women can turn on or off with the click of a remote control—and would last for almost half their reproductive lives. Massachusetts-based MicroCHIPS is developing a remote-control-activated contraceptive chip intended to be implanted under a woman's skin... More »

Family Planning Is Pro-Life

Congo women offer proof of benefits: Michael Gerson

(Newser) - The American debate over family planning may seem “like a culture war showdown.” But “close up, family planning is undeniably pro-life,” writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post . To understand that, look to Bweremana, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where “the complications of childbirth... More »

Texas Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

Major health care reform law headed for Perry's desk

(Newser) - Texas is set to become the latest—and largest—state to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. An omnibus health care bill passed by the state legislature and headed for Gov. Rick Perry's desk blocks Planned Parenthood from receiving some $38 million in state family planning money and from taking... More »

Mother's Day Wish: No More Needless Deaths

Modern contraceptives in poor nations can save thousands: Kristof

(Newser) - For Mother's Day, how about we do something to reduce the 350,000 deaths of mothers during childbirth each year, suggests Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Congress has the power to help, but it would involve one of the big Republican taboos—"family planning." He... More »

Ahmadinejad: Girls, Marry at 16

Why wait until you're 24, asks Iranian president

(Newser) - The best age for a girl to marry is 16, according to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian president is speaking out against his country's family planning program, instituted in the 1990s to reduce Iran's then-rising growth rate. Ahmadinejad believes the program is ungodly and overly Western, and complains that "the... More »

Cougars Get Pregnancy Warning

Ad campaign warns women they can be fertile into their '50s

(Newser) - A stubbornly high rate of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies among women over 35 has forced British authorities to launch a campaign to remind women of a certain age that unprotected sex can cause pregnancy. Officials behind the "Conceivable?" campaign say that warnings on fertility waning with age have led... More »

As Economy Tanks, Women Flock to Clinics

(Newser) - In this tough economy, requests for long-term contraceptives and abortions have spiked at family planning clinics, reports the Los Angeles Times. Planned Parenthood of LA County has seen its caseload jump 15% in just a year, and requests for IUDs nearly doubled in the first quarter compared to a year... More »

Notre Dame Students Support Obama Invite

Bishops are angry, but students want to see the president

(Newser) - President Obama's invitation to speak at Notre Dame's graduation has prompted protests from two bishops, who blasted the Catholic school for inviting a president who supports stem-cell research and funding for family-planning clinics that offer abortion. But students are eager for Obama's visit, the AP reports. Based on letters to... More »

Vatican Blasts Obama Policy on Abortion

Backers say plan promotes women's health, fights AIDS

(Newser) - The Vatican today condemned President Obama's move to give federal funding to international groups that include abortions and abortion counseling with health care, the BBC reports. A Vatican official said the policy dealt a blow to those fighting "the slaughter of the innocents." Supporters of the move say... More »

Obama Lifts Abortion 'Gag Rule'

(Newser) - President Obama today overturned the “gag rule” prohibiting the US from funding groups that provide abortions or abortion counseling overseas, Reuters reports. The policy has been enforced and rescinded depending on the Oval Office occupant since it was instituted under President Reagan. Unlike yesterday's high-profile signing ceremony, today's executive... More »

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