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Bee Replaces Martyr Mouse on Hamas TV

Nahoul the Bee subs for Farfour, vows to continue Islamist extremism

(Newser) - Hamas TV's most Youtubed program has made a casting change that already has bloggers buzzing: A children's show introduced a giant bee named Nahoul to replace Mickey Mouse knockoff Farfour, a cuddly militant who was martyred last month by an Israeli spy. In a spooky falsetto, Nahoul announced himself as... More »

Hamas Kills Off Farfour, the Cuddly Jihadist

TV finale has Israeli spy murdering militant Mickey Mouse clone

(Newser) - The lovable Farfour, a Mickey Mouse knockoff who taught Palestinian tots to take up the fight against Israel, has met a bloody end in his series on Hamas frequency Aqsa TV. An Israeli land-grabber characterized as a "terrorist" murdered Farfour in the show's finale, broadcast throughout the Palestinian territories... More »

2 Stories