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How Much Will We Spend on Super Bowl Snacks?

$1.02B, according to TurboTax

(Newser) - It's not nearly as much as we spent on Halloween candy , but it's significant: Americans will spend $1.02 billion on Super Bowl snacks this year, according to a TurboTax infographic obtained by AdWeek . That includes $184.4 million on potato chips, $40 million on pretzels, and $36.... More »

The Pack Is Back: Fans Take to Streets

Thousands celebrate 31-25 win over Pittsburgh

(Newser) - Thousands of Packers fans braved sub-zero temperatures and took to the streets last night in the NFL's smallest city, honking car horns, hugging strangers, and screaming in celebration of Green Bay's first championship in 13 years . Team banners hung everywhere, billboards touted the Packers, and people spray painted the snow... More »

Super Bowl Party? Try These Booze Bargains

Esquire finds brown-bagging it has its rewards

(Newser) - With Super Bowl looming, cheap booze is probably on your radar. It's not too late to check out these bargains recommended by Esquire:
  • Paul Masson Grande Amber VSOP brandy: This $13 bottle “goes down far more smoothly than anything from France in this price range could even aspire to.
... More »

Super Bowl Shindig Mixes Parties, Loyalties

11 Dems, 3 Republicans to attend White House party

(Newser) - President Obama’s Super Bowl party will be bipartisan on two fronts: Republicans and Democrats alike are invited, and so are both Arizona and Pittsburgh fans. Still, the list leans to the left, with 11 Dems and 3 Republicans invited. They include Pennsylvania Sens. Bob Casey and Arlen Specter and... More »

Recession Dims Super Bowl Glitz

(Newser) - Thanks to the economy, Super Bowl week will be less extravagant and profitable than in years past, the Washington Post reports. While host city Tampa Bay is expected to attract more than $150 million from Super Bowl visitors, that’s 20% less than usual; despite hotels filled to the rafters,... More »

5 Stories