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Walmart Workers: We Need More Hours, Too

Retailer's employees say they often can't get hours they need to stay afloat

(Newser) - Last week Walmart announced it'll raise wages for 40% of its US workforce. But for many employees, low pay isn't the only issue: They also can't get the hours they need to make a decent living, the New York Times reports. Part-time workers complain that when they... More »

South Korea to Workers: Take a Vacation Already

Directive forces hardest working developed nation to take more time off

(Newser) - South Koreans work more hours than any other developed nation but the country's production is lagging, a grim reality the government is trying to upend by forcing civil employees to take more of their allotted vacation days. A recent study shows that the average government worker takes just six of... More »

Desperate Times: UK Mulls 3-Day Week

Gov't may compensate workers to avoid higher cost of mass layoffs

(Newser) - Now officially in recession amid the global downturn, the specter of a three-day work week has emerged in Britain, the Independent reports. Though officials say it’s "not imminent," the government has discussed paying firms to cut hours with public cash going toward compensating employees for the lost... More »

3 Stories