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Indian Parliament Elects First Woman Speaker

Kumar belongs to oppressed lower caste

(Newser) - India’s otherwise divided parliament unanimously hailed the appointment of the nation’s first female speaker today, the BBC reports. Meira Kumar, 64, is the daughter of a renowned politician and a longtime member of the Congress party, victorious in recent general elections. She’s also from a lower-caste community... More »

Indian Stocks Soar 17% on Election Win

Congress victory sends shares soaring; trade suspended

(Newser) - The benchmark Indian stock index soared an unprecedented 17% this morning as investors voiced their resounding approval of the Congress Party's electoral victory. Trading on the Sensex had to be suspended within seconds of opening after a 1,300-point surge; following a two-hour delay, the index jumped again and was... More »

Ruling Congress Party Wins Indian Election

Governing Congress-led coalition headed for major victory

(Newser) - India's main opposition party has conceded defeat to the ruling Congress-led alliance, CNN reports. The governing coalition—defying predictions the elections would end without a clear winner—was heading for a decisive victory as counting continued today. "We respect this mandate and accept it," said the leader of... More »

Indian Ruling Parties Hold Slim Lead

Neither coalition emerges a majority

(Newser) - India's ruling coalition has edged slightly ahead of the Hindu-nationalist opposition, but both alliances are short of a parliamentary majority, Reuters reports. Exit polls following today's conclusion of the month-long general election indicate both political blocs will need new partners, but the surveys have proved inaccurate in the past. Official... More »

Bollywood Stars Duel Over Seat in Parliament

Stars go head to head in fight for office

(Newser) - Imagine a congressional election pitting Jay Leno against Simon Cowell. The rough equivalent is happening now in India, where talk-show host Shekhar "Shaker" Suman is running for Parliament against Shatrughan "Shotgun" Sinha, a Bollywood star and judge on a hugely popular talent show. But fame may not help... More »

Gandhi Heir Stumps for Poor

Rahul Gandhi sheds aristocratic image to reach out to India's 700m rural poor

(Newser) - The heir to India's foremost political dynasty is reaching out to the country's dispossessed as the nation's election enters its final phase, the Guardian reports. Rahul Gandhi—widely seen as the successor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh if their Congress party emerges triumphant—has been greeted by enthusiastic crowds in... More »

Maoist Train Hijackers End Siege in India

300 passengers freed

(Newser) - Suspected Maoist rebels who hijacked an India train ended a four-hour standoff with authorities and released 300 passengers, reports CNN. No one was injured. Hundreds of men surrounded and disabled the train as it traveled through a forest in the state of Jharkhand early today. Rebel attacks in the area... More »

India Election Sees Shoes Fly, Politicos Duck

(Newser) - Inspired by the Iraqi reporter who hurled his shoes at President Bush, the world’s largest democracy has picked up the habit, the Los Angeles Times reports. In recent weeks, three people have enlivened India's national election by flinging footwear at politicians—always missing, but sparking much publicity. "Flying... More »

World's Biggest Democracy Goes to the Polls

Attacks from Maoist rebels mar start of India's month-long election

(Newser) - The first of 714 million eligible voters cast their ballots in the opening round of India's election today, reports the BBC. The month-long voting process pits the Congress party-led ruling coalition against the opposition Hindu nationalist BJP party and a coalition of Communist and regional third parties. Turnout has been... More »

India's Salvation May Lie With Poor

Rural growth picking up slack as industrial sector cools

(Newser) - The new, high-tech India enjoyed a long boom, but the nation's path out of the global slowdown may lie with the legions of poor in old, rural India, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 700 million people who live in India's hinterland are still among the poorest people on the... More »

India's Rampaging Elephants Become Election Issue

Villagers promise to vote for party that can save them from animal attacks

(Newser) - Villagers in eastern India have pledged to give their votes in the upcoming election to whoever can save them from rampaging elephants, Reuters reports. Dozens of people are trampled to death in the region every year by elephants forced to raid farmland because of habitat loss, and the two biggest... More »

Indian Leader in ICU After Heart Surgery

PM's illness highlights lack of succession law, aging Cabinet

(Newser) - Indian PM Manmohan Singh is in intensive care as he recovers from heart bypass surgery, reports the Times of London, highlighting the country's lack of succession law and stoking fears about its preparedness for another terrorist attack. The foreign minister is acting as leader while a special committee has control... More »

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