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'Legendary Stripper' Dead at 78

Carol Doda helped introduce topless entertainment to San Francisco

(Newser) - Legendary San Francisco stripper Carol Doda, whose splashy act helped introduce topless entertainment to the city more than 50 years ago, has died at age 78. Doda died Monday in the city from complications of kidney failure, friend Ron Minolla disclosed Wednesday. Doda first went topless in 1964 at the... More »

San Diego Strippers: Cops Made Us Pose for Photos

30 dancers sue city, police chief

(Newser) - In San Diego, strip clubs must submit to "regular inspections" by police—but 30 strippers are suing the city and the police chief over "raids" that, they say, went way too far. In three visits over the course of this year and last, the lawsuit filed yesterday alleges,... More »

NYC Strippers Win Minimum Wage Fight

Almost 2K strippers covered in lawsuit against Rick’s Cabaret

(Newser) - A federal judge has ruled strippers at one New York City club are entitled to at least the bare minimum—minimum wage, that is. Current and former dancers of Rick’s Cabaret International filed a $5 million lawsuit against the club, claiming labor laws were violated when they weren’t... More »

Court: Sorry, Lap Dances Aren't Art

It was a nice try, but New York strip clubs will have to pay taxes

(Newser) - Lap dances are taxable because they don't promote culture in a community the way ballet or other artistic endeavors do, New York's highest court concluded today in a sharply divided ruling. The court split 4-3, with the dissenting judges saying there's no distinction in state law between... More »

Strip Club 'Tax' to Fund Rape Investigations in Houston

Clubs subject to new $5-per-customer fee

(Newser) - Want to help Houston foot the bill for its rape investigations? Visit a strip club. The city doesn't have the funds to quickly analyze evidence collected in rape kits, so the City Council passed an ordinance yesterday imposing a $5-per-visitor "pole tax" on strip joints and other clubs... More »

Strip Clubs in Illinois May Get $5 Skin Tax

Money would go to sexual assault services

(Newser) - Call it a skin tax, a sin tax, or a pole tax, but whatever the name, visitors to strip clubs in Illinois may soon have to pony up an extra $5 to get in the door, reports the Chicago Tribune . A state senator has a sponsored a bill calling for... More »

Texas Court Upholds $5 Strip Club Entrance Fee

Judges say small charge not an improper restriction on nude dancing

(Newser) - Texans headed to a strip club tonight will indeed have to pay a $5 entrance fee. The state's all-Republican Supreme Court overruled lower courts today and deemed the so-called "pole tax" constitutional, the AP reports . The fee has been levied since 2007 on clubs that both serve booze... More »

Escorts: Utah Law Makes It Illegal to Act Sexy

They're suing to halt new law aimed at prostitutes

(Newser) - Be careful how you act in Utah: If you get too “sexy,” you could find yourself arrested under a new law. The law broadens the definition of solicitation—agreeing to trade sex for money—to include “lewd acts” that imply you want to trade sex for money,... More »

Church Protests Strippers, So Strippers Protest Church

Ohio congregation gets a taste of its own medicine

(Newser) - Sunday services at one Ohio church have had an unusual feature lately: strippers frolicking in front of the building. Fed up with protests by the New Beginnings Ministries community, which employs tactics like filming clubgoers' license plates and posting them online, employees of the Foxhole have begun traveling 7 miles... More »

O'Reilly: Give Strippers BP Cash

Just not the 'mobster' strip club owners

(Newser) - Say what you will about Bill O’Reilly, but he has nothing against strippers. BP set up a $20 billion fund to compensate Gulf coast workers who have lost wages, and the Fox News host and two female guest panelists discussed administrator Ken Feinberg’s recent statement that he was... More »

Missouri Strippers Battle Bill to Keep Them Clothed

Governor deciding whether to sign bill

(Newser) - Missouri’s strip clubs are begging Gov. Jay Nixon to veto a bill that they say would cost the state thousands of scantily clad jobs. The Republican legislature has passed a law that would forbid Show Me State strippers from dancing naked or touching patrons, and would bar clubs from... More »

Strip-Club Ban Cements Iceland's Feminist Cred

Female politicians key to movement

(Newser) - A law that forbids any business from making a profit off its employees’ nudity has sounded the death knell for strip clubs, and indeed the sex industry as a whole, in Iceland —news that has Julie Bindel hailing the island as the world’s most feminist country. Iceland is... More »

Jobless Women Turn to Porn, Stripping

(Newser) - With unemployment rising, more women are moving on up by stripping down, the AP reports. The adult entertainment industry, is receiving a barrage of applications from women seeking good pay and job security in fields ranging from porno to exotic dancing. "You're seeing a lot more beautiful women who... More »

Phelps Hides From Paps— at Strip Joints

Swimmer hides from cameras, tints windows

(Newser) - It’s understandable that Michael Phelps is a little camera-shy after the fallout from his bong portrait. But he’s started “hiding out at strip clubs” to avoid having his picture taken, the New York Post reports. The Olympic champ has also tinted the windows of his Baltimore home... More »

Strip Clubs Look to Score at Super Bowl

Super Bowl venue is lap dance capital

(Newser) - The road to Super Bowl XLIII is paved with Tampa's 43 strip clubs, and their owners are expecting a bonanza, the AP reports. Some are going the extra mile to attract free-spending Super Bowl tourists, spiffing up their interiors, hiring extra dancers, and keeping doors open around the clock. Although... More »

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