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Scientists 'Very Excited' About 150K-Year-Old Baby Tooth

It's the oldest Denisovan fossil yet, found in a Siberian cave

(Newser) - Scientists are "very excited" to learn more about a baby tooth that only the most sophisticated DNA dating tech can analyze. Some 150,000 years ago, a young girl lost her baby tooth, and it fell into the sediment of a cave in Siberia from which the first three... More »

Civil War Sub No Longer a 'Corroded Artifact'

Years of cleaning reveal gears, cranks ... and a tooth

(Newser) - When it was raised in 2000, the HL Hunley looked a bit like the Flying Dutchman . Encrusted in a rock-hard layer of sand and shell, the hand-powered Civil War submarine that slumbered off Charleston, SC, for almost 140 years had to be painstakingly soaked and cleaned . But after three years... More »

The Villain of Pearl Harbor Might've Lost a Gold Tooth

Dick Portillo thinks he's found it

(Newser) - An American history buff was leading an expedition through Papua New Guinea last year when one of his companions noticed something shiny sticking out of the mud at the site of a 1943 plane crash. It turned out to be a small gold tooth, but it wasn't the material... More »

Tooth Reveals Earliest Known Visit to Dentist

About 14K years ago in Italy

(Newser) - Prehistoric man got cavities, too, and just like us, they had to go to the dentist. Researchers studying a 14,000-year-old infected molar say someone tried to clean it with flint tools—a discovery that amounts to the first known evidence of dentistry, reports Atlas Obscura . The patient was a... More »

Trucker Crashes Pulling Own Loose Tooth

'He had the tooth in his shirt pocket as proof'

(Newser) - Alabama authorities say a tractor-trailer crashed on Interstate 20 because the driver lost control while he was pulling one of his teeth. The Alabama Highway Patrol says the truck driver told troopers he had taken his hands off the wheel to pull a loose tooth when he wrecked near Tuscaloosa.... More »

In an Order of McDonald's Fries, a Human Tooth

Japan unit apologizes for recent instances of contaminated food

(Newser) - Things you don't expect to hear from McDonald's: There is no indication that a human tooth found in an order of fries was fried. That from the fast-food giant's Japan unit, which has been digging into the discovery of the tooth, which turned up in an order... More »

Doctors Find Extra Tooth in Guy's Nose

Saudi man's extra tooth was giving him nosebleeds, report says

(Newser) - Doctors had strange news for a 22-year-old Saudi man who came in complaining of a nosebleed or two every month: He had a half-inch mass of bone in his nose, LiveScience reports. After consulting with dentists, the doctors decided he had a tooth in his nasal cavity and extracted it... More »

Dentist's Plan: Clone John Lennon Using Tooth

Michael Zuk bought the rotting molar for $31K

(Newser) - Remember when a Canadian dentist bought one of John Lennon's teeth for $31,000 in November 2011? Turns out Michael Zuk wanted to do more with the molar than display it on a shelf. Zuk hopes he can use the decaying tooth to clone the dead Beatle. Seriously. Zuk... More »

To Fend Off Dementia, Brush Your Teeth

New study finds link between dental health, dementia

(Newser) - Brushing your teeth at least once a day is a good idea for many reasons, but a new study reveals one that you may not have guessed: Regular brushing may shrink your risk of developing dementia, Reuters reports. Researchers followed thousands of elderly people for 18 years, and found that... More »

Ancient Relatives of Humans Ate Wood

Scientists analyzed dental tartar in fossils

(Newser) - Did our ancestors eat trees? New fossil evidence shows that a 2 million-year-old relative of humans nibbled on bark and leaves, reports BBC . Scientists analyzed the teeth of two members of the "southern ape" species, or Australopithecus sediba, and found evidence that they included wood in their diet. More »

Dentist Buys John Lennon's Tooth for $30K

Singer gave 'souvenir' to housekeeper

(Newser) - Almost straight from a rock legend's mouth, one of John Lennon's teeth has been sold at a British auction for $30,000 to—who else?—a dentist. "Some people will think it's gross, others will be fascinated by it," said Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, who... More »

For Sale: John Lennon's Tooth

It's expected to fetch more than $15K

(Newser) - Looking for some incredibly weird and expensive yet vaguely gross memorabilia for the Beatles fan on your Christmas list? Well you’re in luck, because one of John Lennon’s teeth will go up for auction at Omega Auctions in Stockport, England, next month, where it’s expected to fetch... More »

Your Brain Can't Tell Which Tooth Aches

Scientists are trying to get a handle on mouth pain

(Newser) - A new study confirms what a lot of dentists already know: patients are often way off when they try to pinpoint a toothache. In fact, the brain can't seem to differentiate whether the pain is coming from the top or bottom row, Wired reports. It can pinpoint discomfort precisely in... More »

Docs Use Tooth to Help Return Woman's Sight

(Newser) - Doctors in Miami have used a woman’s tooth to help restore her vision, the Los Angeles Times reports. A disease that destroyed tissue in her left eye left Sharon Thornton unable to undergo a cornea transplant, so surgeons cut a canine tooth and bone out of her upper jaw... More »

Ouch! Player Sports Tooth in Forehead

Rugby opponent's chopper gets under Australian's skin

(Newser) - An Australian rugby player visited his doctor last week, but his ailment was a job for a dentist—someone else's dentist. Nearly 4 months after colliding with an opponent during a game, Ben Czislowski learned that he had a tooth lodged under the skin of his forehead. He says he's... More »

Oldest European Human Fossil Discovered

Million-year-old human tooth found in Spain

(Newser) - A million-year-old tooth belonging to a distant human ancestor has been unearthed in northern Spain, the BBC reports. Scientists touted the pre-molar as western Europe’s “oldest human fossil remain” by more than 200,000 years. The tooth was found Wednesday at the Atapuerca site, where caves have already... More »

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