Homo antecessor

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Historic Find in Europe: Human Footprints 800K Years Old

Tracks in Britain are the oldest found outside Africa

(Newser) - Walking along a beach in Norfolk, England, last May, scientists spotted indents at low tide that had been washed clear of sand by a recent storm. They thought the marks might be animal prints, but on closer inspection discovered something much cooler: nearly million-year-old human footprints—the oldest ones ever... More »

New Fossil Rocks Human History

Indicates man settled in Europe far earlier than thought

(Newser) - An incredibly old jawbone discovered in a Spanish cave could rewrite human history, scientists say. The bone with teeth is 1.2 million years old and belongs to a long-extinct human ancestor called Homo antecessor. It's at least 300,000 years older than any other human fossil found in Europe.... More »

Oldest European Human Fossil Discovered

Million-year-old human tooth found in Spain

(Newser) - A million-year-old tooth belonging to a distant human ancestor has been unearthed in northern Spain, the BBC reports. Scientists touted the pre-molar as western Europe’s “oldest human fossil remain” by more than 200,000 years. The tooth was found Wednesday at the Atapuerca site, where caves have already... More »

3 Stories